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Thank you Samuel. Dad and I haven't stopped talking about our Tour safari with yourself and Amos since we left you guys. It really was a dream come true for both of us. I thank you again for helping to make that dream come true. Wayne Edward Giese & Tyrone James Giese -Australia

It was indeed a great time! We were very satisfied with the entire organisation and esp. with Farouk as our guide. Both Haike and I completed the guest questionnaire and gave it to Farouk. Have you received it in the meantime? Generally I must say that I found Uganda a wonderful country to travel to. On the one hand the beauty of nature, on the other the friendliness of its people. Haike & Medley, USA  

This, together with the great, reliable and very professional organization at a good price will lead me to definitely recommend Uganda and Prime Uganda Safaris to my friends when the come and ask me about Tours /Gorilla Trekking in Africa. Your performance was excellent and excelled those that I could have expected of any European provider.We have almost nothing to complain about, especially not with the organisation before and during our stay. Jan and Haike Deepen, German  

“We would like to thank Adrian for the excellent driving/guiding! He was at any time very reliable, correct, helpful and in good mood. He helped make this journey one of the most unforgettable to us. We would recommend him to any other clients. We have been to Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe before, but we have never had such a special driver/guide. Until now we thought our driver in Maldives was the best ever, but now, we think Adrian is the best we have ever, had.” Belgian Consul to Uganda  

"This is just a note of thanks for everything provided to make our holiday an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We are very pleased with the overall services provided by Prime Safaris and Tours, everyone (especially Adrian and Joan) and for your quick responses to our many questions. What we asked for is not a normal package tour and required a deal of preparation, innovation, and flexibility from both your side and ours. Davids and Angella, UK

Uganda Safaris and Holidays

Yet unknown to so many travelers, few of the world visitors have been able to explore Uganda in search of her unique natural attractions. Uganda boasts of being one of the most varied countries in Africa endowed with rolling hills, wide-open savannah, glacial alpine mountains, abundant wildlife, sparkling crater lakes and definitely the endangered Mountain Gorillas that combine to make Uganda Safaris memorable. Virtually untouched and pure, Uganda is still traditionally African, home to the world`s friendliest people, lush green and her incredible weather is enjoyable and friendly all year round.

Location of Uganda

Standing in the East of Africa sharing borders with South Sudan to the North, Tanzania to the south, Kenya to the East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and Rwanda to the South west, Uganda is a land locked country whose connection to the coast is through Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, most of her cargo that is not handled by Air direct at Entebbe International Airport is handled through Mombasa and Dar es Salaam ports.  Uganda has a total geographical coverage of 241,551 km2 of which 200,523km2 is land while 41,028 Km2 is water. The country features an average altitude of 1,200m above sea level with two extreme average points namely; the highest 5,109m Margarita peak on the Rwenzori Mountains, a popular Uganda safari destination and the lowest 620m on Lake Albert.Virtually untouched and pure, Uganda is still traditionally African, home to the world`s friendliest people, lush green and her incredible weather is enjoyable and friendly all year round. At Prime Safaris and Tours, we are passionate about our country and we rejoice in guiding you round it to help you know why it is called  `the Pearl of Africa’, during your Uganda safaris.

Physical Geography as a Uganda safari holiday attraction

Uganda’s physical geography is never disappointing. Talk of the gigantic Victoria Lake that form the source of the Nile River along with the chain of other lakes including Kyoga, Edward, Albert, George, Mburo and Bunyonyi (the second deepest in Africa) to the magical mountains of Rwenzori 5,109m (the third highest in Africa), the Elgon Mountain 4,321m (fourth highest in East Africa), three Volcanoes of Gahinga (3,474m), Sabyinyo (3,669m) and Muhabura (4,127m), Mount Moroto, Karamoja Highlands and Kigezi highlands. The stretching East African plateau, the flat landscapes of the western arm of the East African rift valley and their bordering steep escarpments including Butiaba and Kichwamba, the deep gorges of Kyambura and Sabyinyo, the splendid waterfalls of Murchison (world’s most powerful), Sipi falls, Ssezibwa, Itanda, Kalagala and Kisizi, amazing meandering Rivers including Kafu, Katonga, Nile (world’s longest), Mpologoma, the Semuliki, Rwizi and seasonal Kidepo River and the dense forests of Budongo, Mabira, Kalinzu, Maramagambo, Kibale and Semuliki combine to make your safari in Uganda an experience of a life time.

Gorillas, Chimpanzees & Birds – Uganda safaris must encounter

Additionally to note is that these varied landscapes support great counts of flora, fauna and bird life. Uganda contains about 1,061 Species of birds forming a half of the bird species on the continent of Africa. Uganda features one endemic bird species named the Fox Weaver. Besides birds, Uganda has the great count of primate species. Talk of the critically endangered mountain gorillas viewed on gorilla safaris in Uganda in their habitats of Bwindi and Mgahinga, the chimpanzees in the forests of Kibale, Semuliki, Budongo and the Valley of Apes – the famous Kyambura gorge, the endangered golden monkeys in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Black and white colobus monkeys, Red and Blue tailed monkey in Kibale not forgetting the localised patas monkey in Murchison and Kidepo Valley National Park.

Classic Wildlife Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is also a home to classic wild game including the Big five of lands animals namely; lions (surprisingly, Uganda has tree climbing lions), leopard, the African Buffalo, Savannah and forest elephants, white Rhinos along with other wild game like Rothschild Giraffes, the Impala, Eland, Jackson’s Hartebeest, the Cheetah, Topis, Burchell’s Zebra, the Roan Antelope, Oribis, Kobs, Water bucks, Bushbucks, Warthogs, Spotted Hyena, Jackals among other animals spread in four (4) typical savannah Uganda safari parks of Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth National Park, Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park along with the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Some of this wildlife is also found in the other six (6) national parks namely; Semliki National Park, Kibale National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Rwenzori National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Uganda safaris in game reserves

Uganda is also gifted with a count of thirteen (13) game reserves which are also ideal wildlife habitats. These include;  Ajai Wildlife Reserve, Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve, Bugungu Wildlife Reserve, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, Karuma Wildlife Reserve, Katonga Wildlife Reserve, Kigezi Wildlife Reserve, Kyambura Wildlife Reserve, Lomunga Wildlife Reserve, East Madi Wildlife Reserve, Matheniko Wildlife Reserve, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve and Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve.

Uganda People and Culture as a Uganda Safari attraction

Besides the physical spread, Uganda features a population of 34.9 million people as of 2014 Census and is one of the most heterogeneous nations in Africa with a count of over 65 tribal groups that feature varied cultures with different customs, practices, livelihood patterns, settlement patterns, physical spread, events and festivals making cultural safaris in Uganda rewarding.  Ranging from the Karimojong both the indigenous Karimojong that thrive in the Morungole Mountains and the Pastoralist Karimojong that thrive in the dry plains of Karamoja with their herds of cattle in the north east to the Batwa of the south west known as one of the last groups of the short surviving people in the world with their ancient settlement in the dense forests that mark the area, Uganda can affirm that it still features intact tribal traditions in East Africa. The highly organized Kingdom of Buganda with its Kasubi tombs – the burial grounds for the Kings marked by UNESCO as a world heritage, the pastoralist cultures of the Banyankole with their beautiful Ankole long horned cattle, the Bamasaba with their Imbalu ceremony where the boys are circumcised live to initiate them into manhood, the Bakiga of Kigezi that have inhabited the Kigezi highlands for centuries past presenting one of the magical human protected landscapes in the world with remarkable sceneries not forgetting the northern Nilotic tribes  with their customary settlement and unique architectural huts combine to give a clear representation of Uganda and her capacity to offer remarkable safari memories.

The best time to undertake Safari in Uganda

Uganda safaris are possible all year-round though the most popular ones are the dry months which appear from June to August and then from December to February. It can be noted that the primate walks such as gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking form a big part of any Uganda safari and the habitat of these species are mostly rain forests which by default are wet and one may not avoid the rain completely. However, it can be noted that after the rain, the skies normally open up to an impressive bright tropical sun shine.

The classic wildlife safaris in Uganda in the savannah parks of Uganda are best done to the end of the dry seasons since wildlife would be gathered around water points. This thus extends the experience to the months of March and the month of September and even early October.

Birding safaris in Uganda can be fanatically conducted throughout the year but it normally at its peak season in the months between November and April when the migrant bird species are noted to be present.

Quick facts of when to do a safari in Uganda

Best time to do safaris in Uganda :
It can be noted that the best time to go is from June to August then from December to February suitable for all the Uganda safari destinations.

Uganda Safari High Season::
The high season in Uganda is between the months of June to September though it is not all that crowded. However, for gorilla trekking, one needs to secure the permits far in advance.

Uganda Safari Low Season:
The low season in Uganda occurs in the months of March, April, May, October, and November. However, the notable ones are April, May and November and in these months the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offers discounted gorilla permits while the safari lodges also tend to offer discounted rates for the guests visiting in such months. In the high rain fall areas, the roads can be challenging and forest trails in poor shape.

Dry Weather in Uganda :
The best weather can be June-July and January-February where there is little rainfall and plenty of sun.

Wet Weather in Uganda :
The worst weather can be in the months of March, April and May which is the peak of the wet season.
The Uganda’s Dry Season – June to August and December to February

  • These dry months are most suitable for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda
  • There is less vegetation in the savannah reserves and wild game tend to converge near water points which makes it easier to spot them
  • The skies tend be clear and sunshine is in plenty
  • Though there is no such overcrowding, gorilla permits need to be booked far in advance

The Uganda’s Wet Season – March to May and September to November – Wet Season

  • The Savannah reserves scenery appears green and the period is also the low season thus there are possibilities of getting low rates
  • Despite the fact that wildlife is easier to spot in the dry season, the wet season still offers plenty viewing encounters and at times the new born ones.
  • During the wet season, the roads at times get bad and the vehicles get stuck. The forest trails also become challenging and slippery. Heavy vehicles with 4WD are recommended.
  • Kindly note that you cannot change the gorilla permit because there is heavy down pour in the morning of gorilla trekking. Also the departure time is scheduled.

Best time to visit Uganda safari Parks

It can be noted that all the Uganda safari parks can be best explored in the dry months of June to August and then December to February.

Travelling around Uganda during Uganda safaris

Travel in Uganda is comfortable when travelling with us. The major routes connecting to various parts of the country are tarmacked. Murram roads then connect from the nearby towns where the tarmac stops linking to the Uganda safari destinations. These roads can be rough at times. However, the efforts are being made to replace the old roads with the new ones.  Because of the varying landscape and the nature of the connecting murram roads at times, it is not advisable to drive yourself for the first time. Prime Uganda Safaris has expert driver guides who offer the themed interpretation and take you through the challenging road sections carefully and safely as they have the expertise in this. Our safari vehicles all with 4WD feature the strength to negotiate the challenging landscapes including the Kigezi highlands and Karamoja landscapes. This is a lovely attempt that will offer you a safe and trusted leisure and educational life time experience on Uganda safaris exploring the Pearl of Africa in detail.

Uganda safari companies: which safari company to travel with

Considering the above attractions, undertaking a Uganda safari offers you an opportunity to explore all these attractions ranging from adventure to classic game viewing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, sightseeing and cultural tours and you would definitely require an esteemed safari company to travel with.

Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd has positioned itself to make your safari in Uganda a memorable adventure of a life time by organizing a wide range of packages ranging from short to medium and long with some featuring specialty attractions while others are intermixed and surprisingly at an affordable price in any category that you wish to travel in ranging from Luxury to Midrange and Budget that you can hardly find elsewhere and yet without compromising quality of the experience as seen from the reviews of the traveller that have opted to use its services in the past. You can check out our reviews on our Trip Advisor Page.
Explore the unknown, spend less, enjoy the best service right from the booking to the vehicle, lodges and the expert guides with Prime Safaris and Tours. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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