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Welcome to Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Ltd, the best Uganda safari company and Destination Management Company (DMC) for Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. We offer you remarkable tailor-made, eco-friendly safaris in Uganda and Africa, for solo travelers, couples, small groups, and families based on their special safari needs, budget, and preferences. We have over 12 years of experience in organizing wonderful custom-made gorilla trekking, wildlife tours, community African cultural tours, birdwatching, and spectacular scenery viewing safaris in Uganda and Africa at large.

Why You Should Undertake Uganda Safaris in Popular Uganda Safari Places

Uganda, a remarkable beautiful land with untamed wilderness, situated in the heart of the African continent, awaits adventurous travelers and those enthusiastic about breathtaking nature. Uganda safaris take you to a country dubbed as the "Pearl of Africa" is a Hidden Gem, offering captivating wildlife encounters, an amazing blend of diverse ecosystems, plus unique cultural tours & experiences. Let us have a comprehensive discovery of Uganda safaris, where you will explore the enchanting landscapes, encounter majestic primates (Gorillas and Chimpanzees), and embrace the vibrant local communities and their culture.

Uganda Safaris & Tours Take You to the Land of a Thousand Experiences

Visit Uganda a country that defies everyone’s expectations. Within its borders, you will discover landscapes starting from the Rwenzori Mountains towering at 5109M above sea level in Rwenzori Mountains National Park to the pristine waters of Lake Victoria. Her rich diversity sets Uganda apart from other safari destinations, making it a prime location for various types of safaris in Africa. Below are some of the top Uganda safari attractions & activities that one must experience.

1. Gorillas in Uganda - Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Uganda is known for gorilla trekking to see Mountain Gorillas and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most prominent Park for this extraordinary adventure, coupled with gorilla habituation experience followed by Mgahinga Gorilla National Park known for Golden Monkey tracking as well. Bwindi Park is 331 sq km and is home to 459 Gorillas -more than half of the remaining mountain gorilla population in the world. A Uganda safari tour would be incomplete without undertaking a gorilla trek through the dense jungle forests to witness the gentle giants play, feed, groom each other and their babies, and nest in their natural habitat.

2. Chimpanzees in Uganda - Chimpanzee Tracking

On top of Gorillas, Uganda is blessed with the highest concentration of Common Chimpanzees in Africa and the world at large. about 5,000 individuals. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda in Kibale National Park – the primate capital of the world, offers Uganda safari undertakers over 1500 members in one Park with over 13 other primate species. Guided Chimp treks through the lush Kibale Forest will take you face to face with these intelligent and endearing Apes – Man’s closest cousin in the animal kingdom offer a breathtaking glimpse into their behaviors and daily lives in their natural habitat. Primate trekking experiences/safaris in Uganda are awe-inspiring, breathtaking, humbling, and unforgettable allowing you to get a deep insight into these magnificent Apes.

3. The African Big5 - Wildlife/Game Viewing Uganda Safaris on Game Drives, Boat Trips and Game Walks

Queen Elizabeth National Park Classic Wildlife Safaris

For those seeking a quintessential African wildlife safari experience, Queen Elizabeth National Park is your best safari destination. Queen Elizabeth Park is home to the popular Big Five animals such as– lions including the tree-climbing lions, African elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and leopards that you will see during game drives, boat cruises, and game walks. On a safari in Uganda's Queen’s Park, you will observe these majestic animals against the backdrop of the beautiful Lake Edward, creating photo moments for perfect safari memories.

Game Viewing in Murchison Falls National Park & The Top of The Falls

A visit to Murchison Falls National Park is evidence of the perfect power of nature. It is here that the famous Nile River squeezes through a narrow 3-meter gorge, forming a thunderous roaring Falls from which the park was named. The sight of the bottom & top of Murchison Falls is breathtaking, and it is yet one of the many attractions this park has to offer. While on a Uganda safari in Murchison Falls National Park, you also have the opportunity to witness diverse wildlife, including lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, and many bird species.

4. Uganda Communities & Cultures – Unique Authentic Uganda Cultural Experiences

Despite the fact that Uganda safaris usually anchor around wildlife viewing, remarkable Uganda has much more to offer, including community tours. Its diverse 60 ethnic tribes groups each with a unique language, their rich cultures such as dances, foods, traditional economic activities like crop growing, and livestock farming, unique history, warm hospitality, and welcoming nature make Uganda an ideal destination for cultural encounters. You can plan to visit Uganda beyond her national parks to the most remote villages, where you can personally be involved in the unique traditions such as traditional dances e.g. Baganda & Banyankore dances, actual farming experiences like milking and crop farming, tasting local cuisines like Matooke – steamed bananas, Kalo – millet stew, Baganda’s Luwombo – banana leaf steamed food, and way of life of indigenous communities. This authentic traditional experience makes more meaning to your safari to Uganda, allowing you to visit the people in traditional local markets – fresh fruits and craft centers, traditional blacksmiths, traditional healers and doctors, local women weaving unique clothes, home equipment, and wonderful artifacts, native to Uganda.

5. Sightseeing Lakes, Rivers, and Mountains- Uganda Safari Tours

Uganda is known for its unique breathtaking beauty boosted by its amazing landscapes that include mountains like snow caped Rwenzori Mountains – 5109m above sea level, and the green-covered Mountain Elgon - 4,321. This country has ever-flowing freshwater lakes such as Lake Victoria – the biggest freshwater body in the world located in Entebbe district, Lake Bunyonyi, - the 2nd deepest lake in Africa is located in south-western Uganda in Kisoro and Kabale a place of the beautiful gently rolling hills. The popular River Nile – the world’s longest river, is one of the major attractions that attracts many travelers to Uganda couples with unique land formations like plateaus, rift valley bases with many crater lakes, ever gree forests like Bwindi, Maramagambo, Ichuya Lake all add to the tapestry of what to see on a safari in Uganda.

6. Uganda Offers Responsible Tourism Safaris & Tours

For those planning to journey on a Uganda safari, it is paramount to focus on taking responsible tourism/eco-friendly trips. It is important that you support eco-friendly lodges where they exist, promote to reuse of plastics or even avoid their usage, involved in ethical wildlife tours, with a low impact on your visit to nature. This way you will enable Uganda to achieve all essential goals towards preserving her natural attractions for future generations. By carrying your safaris lightly and with respect to nature, you will join the determined eco-friendly travelers to conserve Uganda's incredible natural biodiversity.

7. Uganda Safaris Offer The Ultimate Africa Safari Memories of A Lifetime!

Uganda safaris are an unforgettable African journey. Whether your interest is trekking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, seeing the African Big5 in their natural habitat, or visiting and interacting with vibrant local cultures, Uganda has it all. It is a land of immeasurable safari experiences, awaiting your adventure. Let us plan your safari to Uganda with you today to start on a journey that will reward you with amazing lifetime memories of remarkable nature, and a deeper understanding of wonderful Uganda – the "Pearl of Africa." .

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Top 15 Uganda Safari Packages

With over 12 years experience in organizing safaris in Uganda and beyond, we present to you the most popular Uganda safari tours and holiday packages below.

Why organize your Uganda safaris & other trips with us?

Based on your interests, our team of expert travel consultants organizes incredible gorilla safaris in UgandaRwanda & Congo to see Low Land/Mountain Gorillas, amazing Chimpanzee trekking Uganda tours, and unforgettable wildlife viewing safaris in Africa.

We also plan unique active adventure safari to Uganda itineraries and special African adventure vacations. All these activities are the most sought-after in all our Africa Safari destinations of operation.

We pride ourselves in offering the top Uganda safaris & tours and other African safaris at large, that are eco-friendly with low impact on nature, at affordable safari prices.

At all times we customize your dream safari packages based on your budget, desired time of travel, class of safari, number of days, and any special needs you want. This is to ensure that you have a comfortable memorable vacation, tailored by yourself, as witnessed by many of our happy clients.

Our team of expert tour consultants is always ready to work with you to customize your, unique dream Uganda safari packages, and other African safaris.

We always ensure that your safari is eco-friendly, enjoyable, affordable, comprehensive, and the most suitable for your dream safari interests.

All our safaris feature the bespoken and most sought-after safari destinations.

The Best Uganda safari destinations are Bwindi Impenetrable, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Kidepo Valley National Parks. These are complimented with adventure parks like Rwenzori Mountain, and Mount Elgongame reservesscenery, and African communities to give you the best safari in Uganda experience.

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Commonly asked Uganda Safari Questions

As you plan for your safari in Uganda African holiday, read through the common questions (FAQs) below to plan even better.If you have any unique Uganda safari question not answered below or want further clarification, please feel free to contant us and we shall ease your preparations.

Many travelers may wonder “Is it safe to travel to Uganda Africa?” Uganda is a beautiful land, safe for many travelers in the country, even for solo travelers.

Uganda has many friendly people and cultures that will welcome you at home in the country.

However, there are many ways to make your trip safer in the country for example using a trustworthy tour operator, following safety precautions from your guide and always moving in groups.

Additionally, do not walk with large amounts of money and do not show off expensive things as they may attract thieves or pickpockets.

Nonetheless, statistics show that Uganda is one of the safest countries.

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There are many great reasons to visit Uganda on your trips. Some of the marvelous attractions in the country are not in any other destination or a few places around the world.

Being particularly famous for primate tours, you will participate in unique experiences like Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking.

Whether it is your first trip or second safari in Uganda, you will always enjoy an amazing adventure.

The favorable climatic conditions make activities more fun, for example, the tropical climate, savannah grasslands, lush forests, the snowcapped mountains, among others.

Your tour operator can help choose for you the best activities depending on the activities that you would like to have. Your activities will range from wildlife expeditions to adventurous encounters, among others.

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The best time for an incredible safari adventure is dependent on the different factors for example the place you are going to visit, the safari activity, and the attractions to see during your trip.

The dry months of mid-November to February and June to August are usually the best for Gorilla trekking and wildlife viewing.

However, this dry season has a lot of crowds but if you are uncomfortable with crowds, the low season which is also the wet season from April to May and August to November is the best. The season also provides amazing discounts for your safaris.

Choose your destinations and the safari activities and we shall help you choose the right season for your trip. It is best to avoid the rainy season as it makes the roads wet and muddy.

Inquire today for the best travel advice and when we can arrange for you your best travel safaris.

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The cost of a safari in Uganda will depend on different factors for example the length of your stay, the parks to visit, the class of accommodation or tour (luxury, midrange, budget), and the activities to do, among others.

Generally, a Ugandan safari will cost about $150 to $500 each day depending on the above factors. Other additions like visas, internal flights, transfers, and meals also add to these costs.

Costs are most times lower in the less famous destinations and also in the low season from around April to May and November.

To reduce some costs, you can participate in camping tours, and use drives instead of flights. As an experienced tour operator, we can help plan a more affordable trip for your safaris.

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Uganda was called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill in his book “My African Journey” in 1908 because of its unique biodiversity, beautiful climate, and hospitable people.

This magnificent country carries a diversity of unique wildlife like Gorillas, Birds, Gorillas, and Chimpanzees, among others. Additionally, Uganda has an incredible group of hospitable people to meet during your trips.

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If you are looking for fun things to do in Uganda, there are various safari activities to consider and the famous ones include Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, the African Big Five viewing, birding, mountain climbing and hiking, game drives, boat rides, among others.

The favorable climatic conditions make activities more fun, for example, the tropical climate, savannah grasslands, lush forests, the snowcapped mountains, among others.

Your tour operator can help choose for you the best activities depending on the activities that you would like to have. Your activities will range from wildlife expeditions to adventurous encounters, among others.

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The currency of choice, for trade, and tourism in Uganda is US Dollars (US$/USD). Many Uganda hotels, safari companies, Airlines, Uganda Wildlife Authority for gorilla permits, and park fees are paid for in US Dollars. Read More

Getting Uganda Shillings while on a safari in Uganda can be done at Entebbe International Airport or at a border post if you are entering via land or you can convert at any of the foreign exchange (forex) bureaus in Kampala city and other major towns in Uganda. Read More

During your safari holidays, you can use your Visa debit or credit card. All large towns and many smaller ones have at least one 24-hour ATM where local currency can be drawn against any international PIN-protected credit/debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Read More

To book your tour, transferring money between banks in Europe, North America, or Asia to Uganda remains the safest mode, banks although a little slow, takes some days. It is quicker to send money using Western Union or MoneyGram but at times there are some loopholes. Read More

Tipping in Uganda is not a must after service provision rather the client does it of their own will and they are free not to tip if they don't feel like it. During their tours, clients should always give tips at their own discretion and how much they are comfortable tip. Read More

As you safari in Uganda, you are advised not to pull out all your money with other people watching you. It is good to always keep the little money you're going to use soon nearer and keep the rest far safe. Read More

Uganda sells various unique items to buy during your trip or you can buy other items to sustain your stay in the country, especially through Uganda online shopping.

The most common things to buy are souvenirs which include African crafts, African food spices, and traditional clothes to remember their safaris in Uganda. Other souvenirs to buy from your Uganda trip include the curved Gorilla walking stick, earrings, Gorilla bracelets, baskets, necklaces, and sandals, among others.

While in Kampala, you can buy these souvenirs at the Ndere Cultural Center along the Ntinda-Kisasi road and the Uganda Museum.

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Regular Uganda entry requirements include your travel documents, Uganda visa application, or East Africa tourist visa, yellow fever certificate, a 72 hour valid PCR COVID-19 test done from your country of journey start from are some of the major items required to travel to Uganda. Read More

It is important to visit your doctor before traveling to Uganda so they can advise you on the best health practices and the best vaccinations to take before your trip.

However, you will be required to vaccinate against Yellow Fever, but other vaccinations to consider include Typhoid, Rabies, Malaria, Meningitis, and Hepatitis. It is important to get vaccinated at least 6 to 8 weeks before departure.

Other important things to consider for your health during your trip are malaria tablets, sunscreen protection, bottled drinking water, and insect repellent.

Entebbe International Airport re-opened on 1 October 2020. Land borders have also re-opened. There are some New Normal Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place for all arriving and departing passengers to ensure their safety.Read More

Yes, you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the time of travel to travel to Uganda. Your valid passport will also allow you to get a visa for your stay in the country.

Ensure that you have multiple photocopies of your passport because it will be needed in the different check points or it will help you to apply for a new one in case you lose it.

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Yes, in case you are not from a visa-free country, you will need a visa to come to Uganda. It is advised to check with the Ugandan embassy so you can learn about the current guidelines.

Apart from the e-visa, you can also purchase the East African visa that allows you to enter Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

To get a Ugandan Visa, you will need a passport, itinerary, photos, and the fee.

Kindly carry multiple copies of your printed visa, passport, and vaccination card because they may be needed at different checkpoints. Also, plan to apply for your visa early enough to avoid pressure in the last moments.

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The visa-free countries to Uganda are Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia, Eritrea, Angola, Seychelles, Madagascar, Malawi, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Mauritius, Comoros, Antigua, Gambia, Fiji, Barbados, Vanuatu, Grenada, Solomon Islands, Belize, Cyprus, Belize, Bahamas, Malta, Jamaica, Singapore, and St Vincent Tonga. Thus, if you are entering the country from any of the above destinations, then you do not need to get a tourist visa.

Yes, you can receive a visa in Uganda on arrival although getting your visa online, before your journey from your country is more recommended to make your travels easier and more flexible.

You can get your visa through the official website of the Uganda Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control at least 5 days before your travel date and the application will be approved within 3 working days.

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You can get a visa for Uganda through the official website of the Uganda Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control. You can apply at least 5 working days before your slated date of travel and it will be approved within 3 working days.

. Read More

A safari to Uganda will require you to pack various important things although it is important to pack light for your trip.

The most important things to carry include your travel documents, clothes, scandals or sturdy shoes, a poncho or rain jacket, and a first aid kit.

Other important things to pack for your trip in Uganda include cameras, binoculars, insect repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses, among others.

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Wondering about what to wear on a safari in Uganda for a comfortable trip. The best clothes for a safari to Uganda should be a light waterproof jacket, safari boots, sweater/fleece jacket, sunglasses e.t.c with colors like khaki, greens, and light brown. Read More

Uganda is located in East Africa along the Equator line at latitude 1.3733° N and longitude 32.2903° E. The country lies at an average altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level.

It is bordered by Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the South West, the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, and South Sudan in the North.

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For obvious reasons, the most convenient way of accessing Uganda from Europe, North America, Asia, and South America is by air for your tour. Practically all fly-in visitors land at Entebbe International Airport (https://entebbe-airport.com/), which lies on the shores of Lake Victoria about 3 kilometers from Entebbe town and 46 kilometers from Kampala, the largest and capital city of Uganda. Read More

Uganda has many flights connecting to Entebbe International Airport and below, we list the major airlines in the country.

a. Emirates: This airline offers daily air flights from Dubai to Entebbe and you can contact them using their website, emirates.com

b. Brussels Airlines/ Brussels: This airline provides flights to and from Entebbe 3 times a week. Their website is brusselsairlines.com.

c. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines/ Amsterdam Flights: There are flights from Royal Dutch 5 times a week and you can also contact them using their website klm.com.

Other airlines to Uganda include Qatar Airway, Ethiopian Airlines/Addis Ababa, South African Airways/Johannesburg, Kenya Airways, Rwanda Air/Kigali, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, etc

  • Emirates - offers daily flights to Entebbe from Dubai. Website: emirates.com
  • Brussels Airlines/Brussels - offers flights to and from Entebbe 3 times a week. Website: brusselsairlines.com
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines/Amsterdam Flights to and from Entebbe 5 times a week. Website: klm.com. Read More

If you are looking for where to stay when you visit Uganda, here is a list of the best places to stay in Uganda during your safari under budget mid-range and luxury hotels, hostels, lodges, safari camps, and campsites. Uganda, has been a tourist destination for decades therefore, she offers a variety of Uganda safari accommodation choices to all travelers. Read More

The common language spoken in every part of Uganda by many educated people is English. However, “Luganda” of the “Baganda” people is the most famous local language in the country.

Buganda is also the largest ethnic group of the over 30 indigenous tribes in the country.

Luganda of the Baganda tribe (the biggest ethnic group in Uganda) is the most spoken local language out of more than 30 indigenous languages. Read More

Safaris in Uganda are great for families! Various travelers seek family-friendly tours for their holidays with tour operators who help them book the right tours, accommodations, and programs that favor families of all ages.

Families are usually driven in vehicles with pop-up roofs for amazing views. Various destinations offer children activities like learning how to track animals.

Family tours in Uganda are thus an amazing way to connect and strengthen family bonds. Booking these holidays during the school days will thus allow children to connect with other children in Africa.

Discover the best family safaris by booking your trip today!

Uganda is an amazing destination for both group and solo safaris as there are various experiences to cater to both categories.

Group safaris usually have 5 to 15 people thus making the trip more enjoyable to have for a safari although there should be enough time for preparation compared to solo travels.

On the other hand, group travel is usually cheaper than solo travel because participants may share costs for example transport and accommodation costs.

Solo travels, however, can make planning more flexible and will grant you a more personalized experience to have during your trip.

The physical demands of a safari in Uganda majorly depend on the activities that you are participating in.

Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking which are Uganda’s highlight activities are some of the challenging activities compared to others for example game drives and boat cruises where you either sit on a boat or 4x4 safari vehicle.

If your safari includes walking tours, then it is advisable to prepare by working out to make your tours less demanding physically. Other walking tours are more challenging than others for example Mountain hiking is more challenging than primate tracking or birding.

Many accommodation facilities offer massage to relax muscles after a long adventurous day. Therefore, discover your best safaris today.

A safari in Uganda will bring you closer to the animals in their natural habitat to explore their uniqueness.

Being famous for primates, Big Five, and other animals, you will watch Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, different Monkey species, Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, and different Antelope species among others.

If you wish to see specific animals, note them down and ask your tour operator to help you find the best spots to see them.

One of the ways to keep cherished memories from your trip is by taking photos using your best cameras and other photographic gear. Therefore, it is important to get the right camera equipment for your safaris and tours. DSLR or mirrorless have a good zoom with a range of 200mm to 400mm.

A teleconverter will also allow you to magnify photos for a great view.

Fast shutter speeds of about 1/500s and above help to capture moving animals much more clearly, and carry extra batteries and larger memory cards to cater for space.

Also, carry a monopod to make long lenses steady and macro lenses for closer looks.

It is advisable to also store cameras in the camera storage bins in the vehicles instead of the camera bag. Ask your guide to make the vehicle provide enough background light.

When you are going to take a photo of an animal or bird, allow it to first relax if possible to take a more natural photo.

Top African Safari Destinations You Can Visit


Besides offering Uganda safari tours primarily, we also offer safaris to over 10 African safari countries at the best prices.

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We founded Christ Our Vision Child Care (COVCC) to help respond to the overwhelming number of orphaned and vulnerable children we met in our community, and when we realized the small private assistance we tried to offer these kids was not enough.

This Children's Ministry is a locally-run, Christian-based organization that runs a A Day & Boarding Nursery and Primary School in Kalagi town, Mukono District, which is the second-worst AIDS affected area in Uganda.

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