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UWA exhibits ‘disappeared’ from court

In a bid to protect the Uganda safari/Uganda safaris or the Uganda tourism sector,the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has arrested so many encroachers and poachers .These have subsequently been aligned in courts of law with their exhibits as proof of their crimes.

Many exhibits have gone missing within court and this has left UWA no choice but petitioned the High Court Registrar over exhibits worth Shs300 million that have gone missing in a bid to fight these enemies to the Uganda safari/Uganda safaris industry .

UWA demands that the High Court investigates how the exhibits, pangolin scales, were replaced with debris.

Mr Andrew Gunga Sseguya`s petition , the Executive Director, reads in part “My staff and the police officers who were involved in the investigation, prosecution and handing of this matter were dismayed because they were eventually given pieces of cow horns, saw dust, empty mineral water bottles in the place of exhibits they had handed over to court,”.

The letter dated January 7, reference UWA/EDO/01/13, copied to the Judiciary and the tourism ministry, the Detective Superintendent Herbert Wanyoto, attached to Katwe Police Station in Kampala  handed over the exhibits  to the then Makindye Chief Magistrate Charles Sserubuga, on August 29, 2012. Another letter signed and stamped by Detective Superintendent Wanyoto of Katwe Police, shows that the exhibits were different from what was in the court stores.

A one James Busanane was found in possession of 115 kilograms of pangolin scales. He confessed that he was exporting them to China.

Maj. John Joab Kwikirize, the UWA deputy law enforcement coordinator, said it was absurd that the pangolin scales were substituted with rubbish from court stores, which, he said, discredited the judicial system.This makes the Judicially officials enemies to the Uganda safari/Uganda safaris industry for they perhaps conived with the culprits and hide these  exhibits which could have provided enough evidence to purnish the culprits that put the Uganda safaris business at risk of dropping due to extinction of tourist attractions

The Spokes person for the Judiciary,Mr. Erias Kisawuzi said the act was a gross misconduct that needed to be investigated.He added that they would punish any official found guilty.

Mr Kisawuzi said they have mechanisms where grievances can be addressed, and advised the complainants to either petition the Judicial Service Commission, or go to their offices for a quick remedy.

I hope that the Judiciary and all concerned parties will unit together with the Concerned Uganda government and private parties dedicated and determined to protect and promote Uganda Tourism/Uganda safaris sector by conserving nature to give the Uganda safari ultimate memory to those that safari Uganda or have safaris to Uganda once in a life time or once in their life time.

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