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2013 Eclipse to market Uganda’s tourism sector- Uganda Safaris & Tours

solar eclipseUganda safaris are bound to increase due to the eclipse occurrence which is expected to occur in November, this therefore has been considered an opportunity for Uganda to market its self using the Eclipse so that the number of tourists can increase.

Since Uganda experiences a total eclipse, and Packwach in Nebbi has been identified as the place where the eclipse can be well spotted alongside other towns like Arua, Gulu, Soroti and Masindi where the Eclipse can also be identified, this will help to increase safaris in Uganda since many tourists have continued to consider Uganda as a path of Hybrid solar Eclipse.

It’s considered that a total eclipse always occurs when the dark part of the moon completely covers the bright light of the sun, which then allows the fainter solar corona to be seen. The high phase of the eclipse brings about the disk of the sun to be completely blocked and then the sun is able to be revealed to the eyes of the people. The eclipse has greatly attracted many visitors to the countries where it has occurred and it’s expected to market Uganda in order to increase Ugandan safaris.

Many tourists are expected to come for safaris to Uganda since the occurrence of the eclipse is expected to occur only in Uganda, so the ministry expects a total of 20,000 tourists if it’s well marketed to the outside world.

In order for the ministry to create awareness about this eclipse, the locals can also be sensitized so that they can be able to view the full eclipse and be able to market Uganda to the outside world. This will help to increase the tour visits to the country. The ministry of tourism can also partner with other government personnel in order to ensure that Uganda benefits from this activity.

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