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rwanda-genocideGenocide is generally referred to as massive killing of people basing on races, political and cultural groups. Genocide is a worst moral crime any ruling authority can commit against its citizens or those it rules.Rwanda genocide is a deliberate massive killing of the Tutsi and moderate Hutus by members of the majority Hutus. The genocide took three months; approximately 100 days and an estimate of 500,000-100,000 lives were lost. The genocide was planned by the core political elites many of which occupied top positions of the national government. On April 6th Ntaryamira was shot down on its descent to Kigali, killing all on board. This incident sparked the genocide which started the following day. Soldiers, Police and Militia executed key Tutsi and Moderate Hutus. Checkpoints were put and the Rwanda national identity card was used to identify the Tutsis to rape and kill them. The genocide caused a lasting and profound impact on Rwanda and the neighboring countries.Today, Rwanda government under the leadership of Paul Kagame has put a memorial event to remember the lives of those who perished in the genocide. Rwanda is now a peacefully and hospitable country attracting millions of tourists. Safari to Rwanda gives you the chance to visit Nyamata genocide memorial and experiencing dark tourism.With the present of Kigali international airport as voted the best in Africa 2014, safari visit to Rwanda can offer you an exciting experience engaging in gorilla tracking and cultural activities.Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda is the best for tourists who have little time since it is a short distance form the airport to the National Park. A safari to Lake Kivu offers you an excellent place for relaxation after a fatigue from gorilla tacking and trekking safari.

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