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What you didn’t know about African Elephants – Uganda safari news

In the worlds wildlife history and since world creation, the elephant is known to be the biggest mammal and animal on land. Among animals on land, elephants can weigh from 5000 to 10000pounds or even more. You can’t imagine the biggest elephant in the whole world weighed 24000pounds and 13feet. Fascinating isn’t it! A Uganda safari tour can help you see the nature and beauty of elephants in the wilderness.

In the wildlife family there are two kinds of elephants. We have the African elephant and the Asian elephant. In Uganda we are chanced to have one of the two species which is the African elephant. You can have a spectacular view of elephants when you come for a wildlife venture at Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison falls National Park among other interesting sites. On top of traveling to see the different elephants and their behaviors in Uganda, most tourists end up doing gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda which is usually a breath taking travel to.

Uganda safaris
Example of an African elephant. Picture by Prime Uganda safaris.

The elephant family is quite enchanting. Elephants have a life span of over 70years. Their lives rotate on family groups or what we can call herds. The herd is always lead by the largest and oldest female elephant. Male elephants are called Bulls whereas female elephants are called cows. Wildlife safaris in Uganda show all kinds of wildlife but when it comes to elephants in particular, you will see the elephant herds which comprise of mother elephants and their young ones the calf’s.

At the age of 12-15years, and elephant becomes mature and can start adulthood. For a male elephant, it begins to leave its mothers herd to become an independent elephant or to join other male elephants. Whereas a female elephant prepares to start child caring and herd leading.

Uganda safaris
A picture of a mother elephants and part of her herd. picture by prime Uganda safaris

Did you know an elephant can detect a thunderstorm over 280km away from it? Elephants do have a very strong memory and a very good sense of hearing. If they have traveled to a place before and there was a source of water, they always memorize and remember that place.

Gestation Period

An elephant’s gestation period is 22months. It’s the only animal that takes a long time to give birth. The elephant normally gives birth to one calf each birth round (baby elephant). A calf usually weighs between 200 – 250lbs and at birth, it doesn’t have muscles in its trunk so the trunk isn’t much useful to it at that stage. It just sucks water using its mouth. When a calf is born, it is protected by all the herd members/family members.

Uganda safaris
Picture of a calf and its mother. by prime Uganda safaris.


Elephants have an amusing and unique body structure. They have floppy large ears made up of complex blood vessels. This feature helps them to regulate their body temperature by using the ears to cool it down. And this is so because it doesn’t have sweat glands. Elephants feet are covered with a soft padding that helps sustain their weight. Its so fascinating that elephants use their feet to listen. They get sub-sonic rumblings and vibrations that are made by other elephants. An elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.


Elephants are mainly Savannah zoned animals. They do feed on grass, fruits, roots, leaves and bamboos. An elephant can feed up to 300 – 400pounds of food a day.

Tourists who always come for safaris to Uganda marvel at the way elephants use their tusks to do different activities. Their tusks can dig deep for water and salt, lifting things like branches and they also use their tusks to debark trees. An adult male tusk grows up to 7inches per year. Do you know how elephants make territory awareness? They use their tusks to mark tress where their premises do cut across.

There is so much that we can get to learn about the elephants which are among the big five. Besides elephants, we have a multitude of other fascinating and interesting animals that are in the universe. If you decide to have a gorilla trekking tour, you can as well have a Congo gorilla safari tour in Congo which also has an interesting feel.

Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

What you didn’t know about African Elephants – Uganda safari news.



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