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27th September; World Tourism Day: Tourism for All

world tourismOf all the days to observe this year in Uganda, one of them is the world tourism day on 27th September this year in Uganda. This day seeks to raise individual awareness of the role tourism plays throughout the whole international community with how it is to affect the economic, social and cultural situations around the whole world.

As advocates of sustainable travel in Uganda’s tourism industry, prime Uganda safaris and tours limited has always been so cognizant to the huge potential of Uganda’s tourism for the good of the people in this country. As this industry is one of the greatest in distribution of wealth worldwide, it can also help transform some of the poor countries in the world. However, in developing nations, reports show that for every $100 dollars spent by tourists, $5 stays within economy of these nations where tourism occurs.

Since the inception of prime Uganda safaris, we have been in forms of travel that benefit the local people as much as possible. Our company has always believed in eating in local restaurants and booking with locally owned accommodation. We believe that better tourism can make the world a better place by meeting neighbors on the other side of the world with discovering how they live every day – the process of cross cultural interaction. This form of tourism is about learning, respect and observing other cultures in ways that help preserve the local identity. When sustainable tourism is achieved, we shall be able to give back to many communities and the whole fraternity shall be for us all.

A range of community tours are part and parcel of our Uganda Safari packages along with the safaris in Rwanda giving consideration to day tours and overnight home stay experience. The popular sites include; the Indigenous Karimojong in the Morungole Mountains in Kidepo National Park, the Boomu Women community in Murchison Falls National Park, Bigodi Community near Kibale National Park, the Bambuti of Ntandi in Semuliki, the Ruboni Community on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori, the Island communities in Lake Bunyonyi, the Batwa of Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Banyankole community on the margin of Lake Mburo National Park.

It is on 27th September that Uganda will join the rest of the world to celebrate the world tourism day. The celebration will be marked with a number of festivals including cultural performances, matching and also tourism exhibitions. This day has become Uganda’s tourism flag event as it is today used to promote internal safari tours in Uganda or call it domestic tourism. The theme selected for this year’s celebrations – Tourism for all  is in line with the aspirations of making the local people increase their benefits from tourism.





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