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300 farmers are to be evicted from Bokora-Matheniko Game Reserve by UWA.

To save the future of the Uganda tourism sector, the Uganda Wildlife Authority will evict about 300 farmers that have been cultivating in the Bokora-Matheniko Game Reserve in Karamoja region an area gazetted for wild animals, according to UWA.

According to the senior game warden in charge of Karamoja, Mr. James Okware, the farmers would only be allowed to graze domestic animals in this reserve.This will give room for the free growth of Uganda safari attractions-the wild life animals for those making a safari to Uganda in this region.

Mr. Okware added that preventing crop farming would maintain the ecological balance in the game reserve hencecreating a conduceive environment for wild animals that will attract Uganda safari lovers to have a safari to Uganda or safaris to Uganda.

These Uganda safari gazetted destination are found in Kotido, Moroto, and Kaabong districts mostly around the dams of Arecek, Kobebe, and Longoromit.

The Moroto District Councillor, Mr. Andrew Lochugae, has however, pleaded with UWA to allow people cultivate in the gazetted area for at least one season despite its good intention of promoting Uganda tours business. He said that stopping them from accessing their gardens right away would amount to asking them to commit suicide.

The Matheniko County MP, Dr. John Baptist Looki, appealed to affected residents to remain calm since the government is aware of their problem and is committed to ensure food security in the area.

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