Looking for a Luxury Car Rental Uganda Kampala company offering affordable 4×4 Luxury Cars Hire Uganda or Luxury Car Rentals in Kampala?, Prime Uganda Safaris is at your service. Luxury cars for hire in Uganda are mostly ideal for official and glamorous events within Kampala City and other cities for executive travel and glamorous events as well as business corporate events and meetings. We arrange affordable reliable luxury car rentals in Uganda Rwanda such as Benz, BMW, Toyota Cygnus plus Land cruiser V8 & VX mostly ideal for official and glamorous events within Kampala City.

Whether you intend to transfer to the mission of a foreign country in Uganda, meeting with top government officials, meeting a group of business associates, attending an international conference in any of the top-notch hotels in town, or make it to a friend’s wedding or yourself tying a knot with your one and only, Prime Uganda Safaris offers enough Luxury cars rentals Uganda Kampala.

These include the Nissan Patrols, the V8, Benz Kompressor, and ordinary Mercedes, the BMW, the Limousine, and Hammer appearing in all sorts of colors and physical spread capable of commanding attention and position among other vehicles not forgetting the highest degree of comfortability.

    luxury cars for hire rent in Uganda

    luxury cars for hire rent in Uganda

    The Luxury Cars are chauffeur driven and whether you wish to be picked up or dropped off at the Entebbe International Airport, Prime Uganda Safaris offers Luxury car hire for the airport transfer. The Luxury Vehicles features Air conditioning, must be clean 24/7 and are delivered right to where the client needs to be picked up.

    The Luxury Vehicles feature provision for mineral water while special requests like welcome flowers, champagne, and chocolates are welcome and can be arranged.


    These 4×4 Luxury Cars Hire Uganda/Luxury Car Rentals in Kampala prices range from $250 – $400 per day inclusive of driver exclusive of fuel.  

    Saloon Car hire in Uganda

    Self drive car hire in Rwanda

    The 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser feature an Air conditioner and battery re-charging facilities thus saving you from the tropical heat and your camera shutting down while up country respectively.

    Our 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser have the seating capacity of 5 – 7 people seated comfortably with enough leg room. The seats are dressed with clean and matching cushions fitted with well-fixed seat belts while the exterior of the vehicle features colors that are friendly to the ecosystem.

    The Luggage is kept inside the vehicle and there is enough space for them.

    If you are Looking for affordable quality 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser hire in Uganda, Prime Uganda Safaris and Tours Ltd offers you the quality of it at an affordable price of 120 – 200 USD inclusive of driver but less of fuel.

    4X4 Ordinary Land cruisers For Hire/Rent in Uganda
    4X4 Safari Land cruisers for Hire in Uganda
    4×4 Safari Land Cruiser hire in Uganda

    Other 4x4 Safari Tours Land Cruisers

      1. Price Schedules for our 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser Rentals in Uganda & Rwanda | 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser Hire in Uganda Cost.

        1. 4X4 Toyota safari Land Cruiser extended/customized with a top-up roof for photographing. From $140–$200 per day with a driver
        2. 4X4 Ordinary Toyota land Cruiser Prado -model 1992 – 1996 (3L) From $70–$80 per day  with a driver
        3. 4X4  Toyota Land Cruiser hardtop/ terrain -model(1998 -2020) Price: $100–$150 per day with a driver
        4. 4X4 Toyota land cruiser Prado Tx/Tz  – model 1996 – 2012 Price: $80–$100 per day  with a driver

        We also hire out 4X4 Safari Vans Hire in Uganda/4×4 safari van Rentals in Uganda

        Car type for hire/rent Rates for hire/rent per day in Kampala With a driver Rates for hire/rent per day out of Kampala with a driver
        4X4 Minivans –  7 seats $60 $70
        4X4 Minivans 9–14 seats $70 $90
        4X4 Safari Van With Pop Up $70 $100

    The Saloon cars are suitable for simple drives with in Kampala and the areas around the city within the

    Saloon Cars for Hire in Uganda

    Saloon Cars for Hire in Uganda

    100 km radius. It may not be all that suitable for long distance drives and driving in remote areas of Uganda where roads are rather challenging.

    The prices for the saloon car hire in Uganda range from 40 -60 USD per day inclusive of the driver but less of fuel.
    Our car hire arrangement is not based on Mileage but the vehicle is supposed travel to places initially agreed upon in the booking process in Uganda and neighboring countries

    The prices for the saloon car self drive hire in Uganda range from 50 -70 USD per day exclusive of of fuel but negotiations can be made depending on your destination, nature of activity and the total number of days for the hire.

    Terms and conditions apply

    Saloon Car hire in Uganda
    car rental

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