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Home » Blog » 5 Restaurants in Kampala where you can eat like a local -Uganda Safari News

5 Restaurants in Kampala where you can eat like a local -Uganda Safari News

5 Restaurants in Kampala where you can eat like a local -Uganda Safari News

5 Restaurants in Kampala where you can eat like a local -Uganda Safari NewsThe best way of understanding a destination is by interacting with the people and their traditions and by this you cannot neglect the local food. With about 56 tribes with different staple foods, Uganda’s local cuisine is one that is rich and should be tasted. There many hotels in Kampala and for many Uganda safaris tourists the top-notch hotels are the top picks. This is so because on travel the high-end facilities are better known and therefore a good reference however, if you really want to understand how the local cuisine is prepared served and presented in Uganda then a local restaurant would be a good try. Luxury and Mid-range accommodations always offer dishes made with a rich touch of the western culture and less of the real Ugandan taste. Having a meal in Kampala just to understand of the fresh foods in Uganda can be done in these top 5 restaurants in Kampala where you can eat as a local with local foods but in a descent setting;

2k Restaurant, Bakuli

2K restaurant has all kinds of local dishes prepared with precision and care to entice the taste buds. Located in Bakuli Nakulabye just 5.2km from the city center on about a 16 minutes’ drive along Kampala-Hoima road.

The restaurant is famous for their signature menu of uniquely consistent fine local dishes. Their focus is on fresh, natural flavours, use of top-quality produce and expert technique results in intense food that is modest but delicious and beautiful to see. The delicacies here are to any of your tastes with dishes served to your order. With free parking and good capacity to accommodate families, this is the best place to have a family or group local meal around Kampala at free affordable prices.

St Anthony Restaurant

Located at Plot 22 Patrice Lumumba Ave, Kampala 5590, Uganda near the French embassy and in between Piato Restaurant and Twed Plaza, St. Anthony Restaurant specializes in Luwombo (local food steamed in banana leaves). Still operating ever since 1971 St Anthony Restaurant is one of the hotels in Uganda that has stood the test of time, there aren’t that many restaurants that have been in existence since 1971.

St. Anthony Restaurant serves some of the best luwombo dishes alongside many other local foods. The luwombo served ranges widely from chicken, beef, ground nuts and goat’s meat to mixed options such as ground nuts with smoked beef or fish. Other local dishes served include the usual local foods such as matooke (steamed bananas), millet bread (‘kalo’), posho, rice, pilau with goat’s meat, Sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, pumpkins, chapatti and a wide range of assorted vegetables. With its closeness to the city center this is the best restaurant to have lunch during a 1-day Kampala city tour.

Feedrite Restaurant, Kamwokya

Located along Kanjokya street, in Kamwokya, Feedrite restaurant is open daily until 4am therefore this makes it the ideal place to grab that late-night post party meal before hitting the sack. Feedrite Restaurant cusines include, African, Ugandan Dishes.

Shaka Zulu Restaurant

Located in Kiswa, along Campelling Road, Bugolobi, Shaka Zulu restaurant is a favorite among locals in the Bugolobi and Kampala area. They serve various traditional meals ranging from pilau to luwombo at affordable prices. Every meal is served with free fresh juice. The experience here is amazing though a little crowded.

African Pot Restaurant

Inspired by a love for Africa foods with the desire to go “back to the root” and experience the fantasy of Motherland, Afrika Hot Pot located at plot 41, Buganda road in Kampala offers boiled free oiled dishes at friendly prices. The African Pot restaurant is the most favorite place for tasting of local Swahili dishes. The African Pot restaurant is very simple, but cozy and very private. The area is surrounded by lot of flowers and have locally made, attractive African decorations. All the furniture is handmade the traditional local way.

The 5 Restaurants in Kampala where you can eat like a local are just a top pick though you can have this taste in many restaurants. Whether on a safari to Uganda to the national parks or on a city tour, don’t hesitate to have a taste of Uganda’s food. If you are not staying in Kampala that long then don’t think you will miss out on the local cuisine. In every destination whether for a Uganda wildlife safari or gorilla trekking safari in Uganda up country try to order for a local dish and have a real taste of Uganda. Tour Uganda or take a Uganda tour and have the chance to eat just like the locals do. You can even have this meal when heading or returning from either a 10 days Uganda gorilla safari Bwindi, 10 days Uganda gorilla tour or 10 days Uganda gorilla chimps safari  up country.

Just like accommodation, food is a vital part of any safari and is an important part to understand local cultures.


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