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700 international tourists to witness the solar eclipse in Uganda-Uganda Safaris

eclipseAccording to paper by ministry of Tourism, the minister, Hon. Maria Mutagamba said that Uganda is expected to generate over 568,400 dollars from international tourists who are going to come for total eclipse viewing in Uganda, this will also help in increasing safari visits and also increasing the revenue of the country.

The minister of tourism also said that over 3000 domestic tourists are expected to attend to the viewing of the total eclipse; this is to help in increasing Uganda safaris and also developing the tourism sector in Uganda.

It has been noted that the tourism sector has been registering bookings from visitors coming to Uganda for the event; this means that there will be pressure on the accommodation facilities and services in the areas where the eclipse is going to happen. This means that the number of safaris to Uganda is going to be high.

This event is going to be used to market Uganda globally and there are many ministries which are going to help in effecting this in the country. This means that the tourists who will be coming to Uganda for safari tours are going to increasing, which will help in developing the country and also the tourism sector.

Uganda has been identified as the best location for viewing the eclipse and this has brought in many people to prepare for the event, this is to help in increasing visits to the country and also helping in developing the tourism sector in the country.

The event is to take place in Pakwach and this is where people will converge to view the eclipse, however the surrounding villages will also be able to view the event though in distance. The private sector operators especially those in the tourism sector have asked the government to help in promoting the event so that the number of tourist to come to Uganda can increase.

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