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8 Days Namibia Safari Tour, Namibian Desert, Swakopmund City, Brandberg Mountain, Etosha National Park

8 Days Namibia Safari Tour, Namibian Desert, Swakopmund, Brandberg, Etosha Park

8 Days Namibia Safari Tour – SAFARI OVERVIEW.

This 8 days Namibia safari tour is an amazing 7 nights/8 days safari in Namibia tour taking you to three of Namibia’s must-see natural wonders. We will visit the Namib Desert and Sossusvlei which is home to some of the highest sand dunes in the world, then move on to Swakopmund city also known as Swakop which is Namibia’s largest coastal city (town) where the desert and the coast come together and the haven to many vacationers and holidaymakers. We will then make our way up along the Skeleton Coast and turn inland into the dramatic and scenic Damaraland. The 8 days Namibia safari tour will also offer you a visit to adventure Bradberg Mountain (Namibia’s highest mountain). The Brandberg Mountain Range is situated in the Erongo region, west of Namibia. Last but not least the 8 days Namibia safari trip we will take you on a wildlife game drives in Etosha national park which is one of Africa’s best game viewing destinations.

8 Days Namibia Safari Tour – SAFARI HIGHLIGHTS.

Day 1 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Namib Naukluft Lodge, Namib

Day 2 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Sandfields Guesthouse, Swakopmund

Day 3 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Another day at Sandfields Guesthouse, Swakopmund

Day 4 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Brandberg White Lady Lodge, Brandberg

Day 5 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Mopane Village Lodge, Etosha National Park

Day 6 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Mopane Village Lodge, Etosha National Park

Day 7 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Namutoni Resort, Etosha National Park

Day 8 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Departure

8 Days Namibia Safari Tour – DETAILED SAFARI ITINERARY.

Day 1 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Namib Naukluft Lodge, Namibia.

After meeting your guide for the 8 days Namibia safari you will depart for Sossusvlei. We will drive through the Khomas Hochland and down the escarpment via one of the scenic mountains passes into the Namib Desert. This journey will take about 4 hours depending on the number of stops for photographs. After settling in at the lodge we will depart for a late afternoon scenic nature drive. Dinner and accommodation will be at one of the best lodges in the area perfectly situated to explore the surrounding desert and its attractions.

The Namib is the oldest desert and boasts the highest sand dunes in the world. This region is one of the most spectacular areas of Namibia and always one of the highlights of any safari. The name Sossusvlei refers to the vlei or pan into which the seasonal Tsauchab River flows in years of exceptional rainfall. The neighbouring Dead Vlei with the ancient dead Camel Thorn trees is one of the most photographic sites in the good early morning light. The Sesriem canyon is a narrow gorge about 1 km long and is well worth a visit. Several desert-adapted wildlife like oryx, springbok, black-backed jackal, ostrich, sociable weavers, and plenty of reptiles and small mammals call this place home.

The Namib is the world’s oldest desert, and although it stretches along the entire length of Namibia’s coastline, the Namib commonly refers to the vast sea of sand from Luderitz to Swakopmund. For a big sandy desert, the scenery is remarkably varied, with the giant red dunes of Sossusvlei being the most famous part. Because of how old it is the Namib is home to numerous species that don’t occur elsewhere and although no humans live in the desert an amazing array of flora and fauna manages to survive here. Famous species include the Welwitschia – a living fossil plant, endemic chameleons, fur seals along the coast, brown hyenas, jackals, and remarkably one of Africa’s largest antelope the Gemsbok. The name Namib is of Nama origin and means “vast place” and vast it certainly is.

Namib-Naukluft National Park; Stretching across the pink-orange sands of the Namib Desert and the Naukluft Mountains to the east, the Namib-Naukluft National Park is Africa’s biggest wildlife reserve. Despite the unforgiving conditions, it is inhabited by a plethora of desert-adapted animals, including reptiles, buck, hyenas, jackals and insects.

Accommodation: Namib Naukluft Lodge

Day 2 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Sandfields Guesthouse, Swakopmund.

After an early breakfast and coffee we will depart for a morning excursion to Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. We will stop at the scenic Dune 45 along the way and spend a couple of hours at both Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. Some of the dunes in the area are a few hundred meters high but the view from the top for those that dare is one you will never forget. After lunch, we will depart for Swakopmund via the Namib Naukluft National Park. We will spend the night at a guesthouse and have dinner at one of the top restaurants in Swakopmund. Please note that dinner tonight is not included and for your own account.

Swakopmund is a very popular holiday destination for many Namibians and will probably be the only place that you will visit on the Namibian safari that has a real town feel to it. Wedged between the Namib Desert and the cold Atlantic Ocean, Swakopmund which is known for its very relaxed atmosphere, has something for everybody. There are plenty of great restaurants and bars, good shopping opportunities, and fascinating architecture. For the adventurous, there’s quad biking, sand-boarding, skydiving, beach angling and scenic flights over the coastline and Sossusvlei to name a few. The nearby Walvis Bay, Namibia’s major harbor town is well known for the lagoon and its prolific birdlife.

Swakopmund; Founded in 1892 as the main harbor for German Southwest Africa, Swakopmund is often described as being more German than Germany. Now a seaside resort, Swakopmund is the capital of the Skeleton Coast tourism area and has plenty to keep visitors happy. The quirky mix of German and Namibian influences, colonial-era buildings, and the cool sea breeze make it very popular.

Dune 45; Named for its location 45 kilometers past the town of Sesriem, Dune 45 is renowned for its elegant shape, which – along with its position close to the road – have earned it the distinction of ‘most photographed dune in the world’. If you’re not keen on the strenuous hike to the top of Big Daddy, Dune 45 is a more forgiving alternative, standing at only 80 meters and featuring a much gentler gradient.

Sossusvlei – The Vlei; This is the vlei itself where, for now, the waters of the Tsauchab River disappear into the red sands of the Namib

Accommodation: Sandfields Guesthouse

Day 3 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Another day at Sandfields Guesthouse, Swakopmund.

After breakfast, you will have the whole day to explore this lovely town and its surroundings. Swakopmund which is known for its very relaxed atmosphere has something for everybody. There are plenty of great restaurants and bars, good shopping opportunities, and fascinating architecture. We can also assist in arranging some optional activities for you. If you are up for an adventure then there is Quad Biking, Sandboarding or for just wonderful outdoors experience there is a living desert tour or kayaking around pelican point. Other optional activities that could be arranged include scenic flights over the coast and dunes or a scenic catamaran sailing tour.


Living Desert Tours; The Living Desert Tour is a unique 4×4 adventure that specializes in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert with travelers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact, it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert-adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Come see the Dancing White Lady Spider (Carparachneaureoflava) cartwheel 44 turns per second down a dune to escape the enemy. Admire the transparent Namib Dune Gecko (Pachydactylusrangei) with webbed feet that are equivalent to snowshoes. Learn about the different beetles and insects and how they survive in the dune desert. Follow in the tracks of a legless Lizard (Fitsimmon’s Burrowing Skink), observe Sand Diving Lizards (MerolesAnchieta) dancing on the hot sand, Sidewinder Snakes (Perinquey’s Adder), Desert Chameleons, and many more fascinating creatures. Learn about the geology, structure, and formation of the desert, and admire the vast and beautiful landscapes while enjoying a scenic dune drive combined with fun and adrenalin.

Scenic Desert Flights; A dramatic flight over the Namib Desert, see how the seldom present waters of the Kuiseb River stop the advance of the red sands of the Namib, experience the vastness of the magnificent dune formations as you fly south to Sossusvlei, and then return along the coast passing over long-gone mining settlements, lonely shipwrecks, seal colonies, colorful salt works, Windhoek Harbour and finally back to Swakopmund.

Catamaran Charters; The Catamaran Charters Team invites you aboard the 45ft Royal Cape Sailing Catamaran Silverwind, or the 60ft Simon Sailing Catamaran Silversand, or the 40ft Admiral Motorised Catamaran Silvermoon, to enjoy an adventure-packed tour to Pelican Point and Walvis Bay’s beautiful bay area.

The chances of encountering dolphins, whales, turtles, seals, and MolaMola (sunfish) make the search for the marine big 5 and adventurous tour by enjoying sparkling wine, fresh oysters, and other mouth-watering snacks aboard the spacious and comfortable catamarans.

Pelican Point Kayak Tour; Pelican Point stretches out into the sea, creating a sheltered bay that is ideal for kayaking, and taking a gentle paddle out to the seal colonies is a wonderful way to while away a few hours.

Charly’s Desert Tours Quadbiking; Charly’s Desert Tours offer quad biking not as an extreme sport, but as a fun way to get into the dunes. These guided trips are designed for people without any prior experience of quad biking. A one-hour and two-hour trip is offered all day long.

A three-hour combo trip which includes two hours of quad biking and one hour of lie-down sandboarding is also available.

After a safety briefing, the tour starts off easy so that riders can get used to the bikes before taking an exhilarating passage through the dunes towards the inland. The wild beauty of the dune belt is captured in the two-hour trip on the way to the “Sunset Dune”. The stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean offers spectacular photo opportunities.

Accommodation: Sandfields Guesthouse

Day 4 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Brandberg White Lady Lodge, Brandberg.

Then we continue our safari northwards along the Skeleton Coast. After visiting a shipwreck and the massive Cape Fur Seal colony at Cape Cross Seal Reserve we will turn inland towards Damaraland. We will drive past the Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain with the highest peak at 2573 meters. We will be at our lodge in time for a sun-downer drink while we enjoy the view over this beautiful landscape.

The Brandberg (‘Fire Mountain’) Massif is Namibia’s highest peak, with its zenith, the Königstein (‘King’s Stone’), standing at a whopping 2573 meters above sea level. Named for the vivid shade of orange it sometimes turns at sunset, the Brandberg has been sacred to the San people for centuries, and the Tsisab Ravine at its base is permeated with over 45 000 ancient San rock paintings, including the famous ‘White Lady’.

Accommodation: Brandberg White Lady Lodge

Day 5 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Mopane Village Lodge, Etosha National Park.

After breakfast, we will visit the Twyfelfontein rock engravings (Namibia’s only world heritage site), burnt mountain and organ pipes rock formation, and the Petrified Forest en route to Etosha National Park where will spend the next 3 nights. Etosha is one of Africa’s biggest and best National Parks and one of the main tourist attractions in Namibia. It is 22 912 km 2 in size of which the Etosha Pan, a shallow depression that only holds water after good rainy seasons, is 5000 km 2 in size. Etosha is known for its spectacular game viewing and the waterholes attract huge numbers of games in the dry season when all the open water has dried up. During the rainy season, the park is transformed into a green oasis and this is the time you find young of various animal species in huge numbers. 114 Species of mammal are found in the park and it is the best place in the world to see Black Rhino. Other games include elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, giraffe, honey-badger, black-faced impala, kudu, eland, Damara dik-dik, warthog, and big herds of springbok, zebra, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, and oryx. More than 300 species of birds are found here and it is brilliant for finding raptors. We will relax at the pool or camp waterhole between drives.

The Etosha National Park is Namibia’s premiere game viewing experience, situated in the northwest of Namibia and is an area well known for its wildlife. Vegetation ranges from dense bush to open plains attracting a diversity of wildlife. In the heart of the Park is The Etosha Pan – a shallow depression that covers an area of 5000sq kilometers. Dry and shimmering for most of the year, the pans fill up with water after good rains to a depth which is seldom deeper than 1m. In the dry season, wildlife is attracted to perennial springs and waterholes that makes for excellent game viewing.

Within the park are three large public rest camps catering for the more budget orientated traveler. There are several smaller establishments on the outskirts of the park on private land offering a more intimate and comprehensive experience. All of these establishments offer excellent value for money.

Twyfelfontein Rock Art; Twyfelfontein is a World Heritage Site boasting one of the richest rock art concentrations in Africa. Thousands of tourists come to this site each year to view some 2, 500 Stone Age rock engravings. The area is home to 17 rock art sites, which collectively encompass 212 engraved stone slabs. There are an additional 13 sites displaying rock paintings.

Accommodation: Mopane Village Lodge

Day 6 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Mopane Village Lodge, Etosha National Park.

We will do morning and afternoon games drive and relax at the pool or camp waterhole between drives.

Etosha West; The area and vegetation is very different to the south-eastern and eastern part of the park and the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra can be found here. In this area and with a more undulating landscape, it makes for a very different wildlife experience. White dust and clay which makes up the Etosha Pan turn to reddish-brown soil during this time which may lead you to believe you have entered an entirely new park when you visit.

Accommodation: Mopane Village Lodge

Day 7 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Namutoni Resort, Estosha national Park.

From here we will make our way across the park in a full morning game drive to Namutoni on the eastern boundary where we will spend the next night.

Etosha Pan; Years ago, Etosha Pan was the bed of a vast lake; today what remains is a glittering, silvery-green salt pan that stretches across roughly 5000 square kilometers. Etosha is protected by the Etosha Pan National Park surrounded by savannah plains and woodlands supporting large herds of elephants. When dry, the pan sustains little life except for the algae that give it its distinctive color, and migratory birds that use it as a pit stop, but with heavy rain it becomes a shallow lake where flamingos breed, pelicans wade and feed, and a variety of mammal species come to quench their thirst, including leopards, lions, white rhinos, hunting dogs and antelopes.

Accommodation: Namutoni Resort

Day 8 of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour: Departure.

After an early morning breakfast, we will depart for Windhoek where you will catch your connecting flight.

End of the 8 Days Namibia Safari Tour.

Getting There

General Safari Inclusions

  • Full Board Accommodation on Safari
  • Transportation in either 4X4 Safari Van or 4X4 Safari Land Cruiser all with Pop up roof & AC
  • Fuel
  • Professional English Speaking driver guide. Any other foreign language speaking guide can be arranged on request.
  • Entrance fees to the tourist sites including Protected areas mentioned
  • Activity fees of the tourist activities mentioned
  • Bottled water while on safari
  • Border crossing fees (for cross border safaris)

General Safari Exclusions

  • General tips for the driver guide, site guides and service staff at the lodges
  • Laundry Services
  • Other Beverages / drinks of personal nature like Alcohol
  • International Flights (Arranged on request)
  • Domestic Flights (Arranged on request)
  • Visas
  • Optional Activity fees
  • Other extras not mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Airport Transfer (Arranged on request)
  • Accommodation in Kampala or Kigali unless it is part of the Itinerary (Arranged on request)
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