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Uganda’s 3rd International cultural Tourism Fair set for September this year!-Uganda cultural safaris

Ekyooto international cultural Festival in Uganda to take place this September. Africa’s friendliest nation-Uganda has never stopped being home to diversity with unity, those who take Uganda cultural safaris are witness to this. On the 14th - 16th  days of [...]

Cultural Wear of Ugandans-Uganda safaris News

Ugandans have a decent cultural wear which shows respect of their culture which tourists enjoy while on their safaris in Uganda. These are mainly put on during ceremonies like Introductions, Weddings, Burials and other respective ceremonies. Tourists like putting Ugandan [...]

March 27th, 2014|Safari News|

Uganda to Celebrate the UN World Wildlife Day -Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Wildlife living around the world is celebrated every 3rd March according to the United Nations (UN) Calendar. Uganda has for long joined the rest of the world on this day to celebrate the United Nations World Wildlife Day (WWD). This [...]

February 5th, 2020|Safari News|