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A Chinese firm wins Karamoja road contract.

The Uganda safari/Uganda safaris industry commonly known as the Uganda tourism sector begins this year 2013 with good news.After many years with dusty roads,  the Karamoja region in North Eastern Uganda together with all uganda safari business operators at differents levels will this year have reason to jubilet after government has finally completed all plans of tarmacking the main road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti.

According to the communication manager for Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Mr. Dan Alinange, the tender to tarmac the road from Moroto to Nakapiripiriti of Karamoja region was won by a Chinese construction company called China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC),
Mr.Alinange said that the China Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) won the U$70,769,231 million (Ush 184billion) tender to construct the road that stretches a distance of 90 kilometers.
He further devulged that the Uganda Government has already paid a 20 % deposit of the total cost for the project.This has move been warmly welcomed by all tour operators who run uganda safaris to Kidepo National Park that has been difficult to access due to very bad roads.
According to Mr.Alinange, the contractor is currently mobilizing land on which to establish their base before work starts in the two districts starting in March 2013.

He said that it’s the Government of Uganda funding the construction of this road 100% and that this project was supposed to have kicked off in 2012 but Government delayed to purchase land where the road is to be constructed.
For so long the Karamoja region has lagged behind in development due poor infrastructure such as roads and lack of access to power and safe clean water, medical facilities as well as good education facilities.

Because of poor roads,lack of electricity among other things increase the cost of doing business in a particular places, Karamoja region has not been able to attract investors for so long.
If the road network improves in Karamoja, it will help the Karamajongos participating in Agriculture, to have easy access to markets for their produce in nearby town centers in the region which has been so difficult especially during rainy seasons.Certainly Uganda safari companies will with ease run their Uganda safaris  in Kidepo and the region at large which has been so hard in the past and currently.

Once completed, the benefits that will accrue from this project will depict the value for the tax payer`s money that Government has injected in the Karamoja region through the office of the Prime Minister under the Poverty Reduction and Development Programmes (PRDP).

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