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bahai temple - uganda toursVery many religious dominations including the Local witch doctors have the freedom to worship their gods in their own unique ways. Christian communities are the largest religious group in Uganda followed by other religions. Baha’i   faith is one of the newest religions in Uganda which is part of religious attraction within the country.

Baha’i temple is one of the churches found in Uganda. Uganda is not only known for its wildlife and culture but also a home where very religios are appreciated and thus is leading to increase  in safari visits from different religious dominations.

Baha’i temple came into existence in Uganda in 1951and therefore making it the first Baha’i community in East Africa. The Baha’i temple has members nearly representing every tribe which even makes the religion very unique and thus one of the best places to visits on your safari to Uganda.

The religion has only eight Continental houses of Worship which have been built around the world and Uganda happen to have the mother Temple in Africa continent to have Baha’i temple and thus it is a very experiential place to visits while on your safari in Uganda.

The house for worship is open to the public therefore giving a chance to enjoy praying in the temple on your Uganda safaris. While in the temple, readings can be made from any scripture. This religion is unique in its kind since singing is not allowed in the house of worship. Every member enters and meditates on his or her faith, ask for forgiveness among others.

The religion embraces all other religion in to their religion. They believe in peace among all people. This religion does not criticize any other religion which makes them unique and thus a stopover on your safari tours to Uganda.

The temple is built rounded with beautiful architectures. The environment is so quiet and looking beautiful which makes meditation easy. The beautiful environment contains different tree species where birds can be spotted. The temple also provides the best spot to view Kampala city.

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