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A future of tourism in Uganda- Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours Safari updates

Chimpanzee safaris in ugandaTourism in Uganda is considered as the fast growing sector with in the country and it contributes a maximum of 1 billion USD to the country and this is brought about because of the increased safaris that are operated with most of the tourist destinations in Uganda.

The increasing tour visits to Uganda have greatly showed that the future of Uganda is mainly focused on tourism as sector. This is because as visitors increase in Uganda, the revenue generated will certainly help in the development of infrastructure like roads and hotels in the country.

Among all the African counties, Uganda is among the number one destinations of tourism interest with several places you would go to on for a typical African safari and there are places that make the safari special. With so many activities to engage in and things to see, Uganda provides a true ecotourism destination.

A gorilla safari is indisputably the preferred tour for almost all tourists to Uganda and it’s only in Uganda where more than half of the world’s endangered mountain gorilla can be seen in its natural habitat. Uganda also hosts many other primates such as the chimpanzees- the closest relative of man and monkeys is a sector, which could and should be the engine of economic growth for Uganda and spurring added conservation efforts in the process, growing by less than hoped for margins. All these attractions in Uganda have greatly contributed to increase in safari expeditions to Uganda.

However, Uganda’s tourism industry has a bright future, if only the instituted bodies would be able to put their plans into action. A lot of Uganda’s culture and beauty remain only partially exploited. The country  prides in its diverse and unique range of nature-based attractions like the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage sites, the Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda Wildlife Educational Center, which has majority of animals enclosed in a naturalistic setting, together with fascinating indigenous culture and tradition.

Tourism is also driven by the friendly and hospitable nature of Ugandans, unique religious sites, highly unspoiled and unexplored environment, delicious organic food and drink accompanied by the good climate among others. Different government agencies mandated to promote tourism have in the recent years mounted rigorous promotion campaigns through the media. Road shows, local, regional and international tourism fairs, programme and activity sponsorship and public relations campaigns have also been a big feature in the recent past as the sector grows higher. All the activities above have greatly added on the number of tour visits to the country.

Other activities include e-marketing, organizing and participating in local regional and international events, creating promotional materials like brochures, magazines and DVDs, organizing familiarization tours, establishment of tourism offices in major source markets and developing a domestic tourism promotion strategy that has created awareness on tourism and increased visitor numbers in the country. Above all Uganda is well positioned with great beauty that makes it the Pearl of Africa.

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