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A good impression from Lake Mburo-Uganda Safari News

Lake Mburo-Uganda SafariLake Mburo National park is located in the western part of Uganda and its attractions will certainly impress you as soon as you step your feet with in the park, this park has got the most interesting nature walks which are conducted on foot with the guide in order to provide the guests who come for safaris to Uganda with adequate information about national park.

The park provides a boat ride and also horses riding which are considered to be interesting activities, these activities have always been loved by the visitors, who come for safari tours to Uganda, and the boat cruise can avail the tourists with unique attractions like the bird species, the crocodiles, hippos and many more.

The park also offers spectacular views of the park vegetation ad the wildlife, I tis park the guests can easily ride near the animals so that they can view them closely in order to enjoy their safaris with in the park. This park has also got long horned cows which are also enjoyed by the tourists.

The park offers a variety of game tracks which provide variety of savannah animals and birds that can be sighted. There are also zebras which are good at grazing at the grass with in the park. These zebras have always attracted many tourists who have come for safaris to Uganda.


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