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bwindi impenetrable forestBWINDI IMPENETRABLE NATIONAL PARK is located in Uganda. The park is part of Bwindi impenetrable forest; and is situated along the Democratic Republic of Congo., boarder next to the virunga National park. It comprises 331 square kilometres (128 sqm) of jungle forests and contains both montane and lowland forest and is accessible only on foot.

Gorilla safaris are on an increase in Bwindi because of a variety of species of animal and provides habitat for some 120 species of mammals, 348 species of birds, 220 species of butterflies, 27 species of frogs, chameleons, geckons and many endangered species.

A tour visit to Bwindi will expose you to the endangered mountain gorillas which are classified into four groups i.e Mubare, Habinyanja, Rushegura near Buhoma and Nkuringo group at Nkuringo.

Gorillas have a distinctive body shape and their stomachs are longer than their chests. This is because of their enlarged intestines, which are necessary to digest the very bulky and fibrous vegetation that they eat. This uniqueness has greatly attracted many tourists to have many gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Gorillas are typically spend a third of the day eating, a third of the day foraging for food and playing, with the rest of the time spent resting and sleeping. Gorillas are ground dwelling and primarily live in tropical forest in Africa. And in Uganda they are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The gorilla is the largest anthropoid apes (having shape or appearance of a human being). It is terrestrial and vegetarian inhabiting the forests of central West Africa. Gorillas are covered with brownish hair on most of their body. There are four types of apes which include; Gorillas, Gibbons, Chimpanzees, Baboons and Orangutans.

Gorillas are extremely intelligent and are able to make use of a variety of fools. They are ground- dwelling and predominantly herbivorous, feeding only on plants. Gorillas live in small groups of 6-7 including one silver-back, A few females and their young. Because of their unique features, they have greatly attracted many international tourists to come to Uganda for gorilla expeditions.

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