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A new online tool to boost Uganda ’s tourism

The Roundbob.com which is an online marketing platform has been put into place to stimulate the development of local safaris in Uganda.
The managing Director of Roundbob.com David Gonahasa notes that though a range of Ugandans may have interest in undertaking the Uganda safaris around their country, they do not have information on the major sites and still consider tourism as a rich man’s thing
It can be noted at the moment, Uganda boasts of 8.5million people that use internet considering the reports of the Uganda Communication Commission and that over a half of these people use the social media. Therefore, there is no doubt that online marketing is apparently the effective way to secure domestic and international tourists towards planning safaris to Uganda.
Considering the fact that tourism in the financial year 2013/14 overridden coffee and the remittances from abroad in terms of the foreign exchange earned for Uganda, adding more efforts in marketing can see considerable results arise from the sector in terms of revenue generated.
There is a need to borrow a leaf from the travel and tourism agencies in other parts of the world including America, Europe and Asia which have taken advantage of the online marketing to boost the sales of their products. Marketing through the Social media including You Tube, Twitter and Facebook is proving valuable in terms of easy accessibility to clients around the world including those that might have interest in taking safari to Uganda.
The Roundbob.com is bringing with it the option of the Travel Wallet in which users can always deposit funds dedicated for travel. The user would deposit either via the bank or standing orders, direct debits, counter deposits which apparently provided in Stanbic Bank, Visa, Mobile Money, Pay way among other methods. The money saved can then be put to use in purchase of Uganda safari packages on Roundbob.com, accommodation or the air tickets.
The Roundbob.com initiative is considered among the best innovations and no wonder it was listed among the best thirty (30), innovative startups on the continent of Africa.

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