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A new road to Ssemliki to improve Uganda tourism- Uganda Safaris

Safaris in Ugandaroad are to improve due to a new road that is under construction stretching from Fort Portal going through the north eastern side of the Rwenzori Mountains to Semliki as well as to the border with the Congo DR, which will sufficiently open up part of Uganda to the rest of the world that moment is completed and ready for use.

This will bring about easy access to the semliki Game reserve where wild places Africa has got their semliki Lodge, extending from the escarpments into the rift valley to the shores of Lake Albert. There are lots of bird lives, chimpanzees which are all great attractions. More so, Semliki National park is an area of African countries which are rich in natural resources, offer tourism attractions and open up urban markets for farmers from remote parts thus development. This new development will encourage many tourists to travel to Semliki game reserve and other to come for safaris or tours to Uganda.

Meanwhile the tourism stakeholders are interested in having more road networks opened up in different parts up country so as to make such places more accessible and also be able to avoid having to return to Kampala all the time just to get to the airport when they have to fly out of the country. There is need to work on the roads between Fort Portal to Hoima and from Hoima to Masindi so that it becomes easy to drive from Murchison Falls to Queen Elizabeth or to Kibale or Semliki in one day. The other road that is in a poor state is that from Katunguru to Ishasha which connects Bwindi with the core area of Queen Elizabeth like the Ishasha sector. This road will allow accessibility to the sector without backtracking. Better roads lead to easy movement and also save time and resources hence a necessity.

As noted above, new roads to different tourist attractions especially the national parks will help so much to promote connectivity of tourists from one tourist attraction to another hence saving time and money. Such new developments of roads in the country help in promoting accessibility too many different places by the tourists hence promoting safaris to Uganda.

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