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A percentage increase in tourism earning-Rwanda safari News

gorilaThe number of safaris in Rwanda has increased and this has helped to boost the tourism sector. This is because as tourists come to see the beauty of Rwanda, they pay lots of money to the tour operators. This provides more revenues and earnings to the government hence boosting Rwanda as a country.Rwanda has a lot of beautiful tourist attractions and activities that are carried out on a safari to Rwanda. These include the following gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, birding, hiking, sport fishing, mountain biking, boat cruise, game drives and so many tour activities which have continuously attracted more Rwanda tours.

These activities have promoted more safari tours to Rwanda hence earning much to the country. The revenue earned helps to create more economic activities in the country. These also help to provide employment opportunities to the Rwandan people and help fight the problem of poverty in Rwanda since many people have sources of income.

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