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A summary of south western Uganda in igongo cultural center – Uganda safari news

igongo_cultural_centreI remember growing up with a childhood friend who I used to look at as the perfect story teller. I always enjoyed having him around, because I loved stories; I still do. But as I grew older, and advanced in my studies, I had to join a different school and so did he, but the strong yearning still burned within me for him to return, or hopefully for me to find another story teller.
Unexpectedly, when I was on a Safari and Tour to Lake Mburo National Park in South Western Uganda, I was opportune to reach this place called Igongo Cultural Center. Can you imagine having so many proficient storytellers in one place? Well that’s what Igongo Cultural Center was and still is. I will share with you a few details about Igongo, my secret place.
Igongo is just 12km from Mbarara town as you drive towards Kampala, and an estimated 45km from Lake Mburo, which is the closest National Park to Kampala the Capital City of Uganda. Your Uganda Safari and tour to Igongo will offer you an opportunity to stand on royal ground because the palace of the Ankole king was set on this exact land area.
Adding to the newly operating Igongo Country Hotel, the cultural center has four major sections; the “Eitaramiiro” cultural village, “Kaahwa Kanuzire” restaurant, Nkwanzi bookshop, and at its heart is the Informative Museum called “Eriijukiro”. It’s just incredible how well the museum explains the lives of the people of southwestern Uganda in just 40 minutes; talking about their past, present livelihoods and future aspirations using tangible objects to make the story more real.
The restaurant offers the opportunity to taste the authenticity of the local meals of southwestern Uganda including the widely craved Akaro (millet), Amatte (smoked Ankole milk), ghee and obushera (millet drink). Have you ever eaten something so slowly; piece by piece, in a manner not to quickly finish it because of its deliciousness? Well that’s what Kaahwa Kanuzire means. This restaurant will delight all your digestive enzymes. Continental cuisine is also served in the restaurant, so you should not be bashful while on your Uganda Cultural Safari in Igongo, but eat-up, because “chance knocks once”.
The Eitaramiiro cultural village is a series of bandas which exhibit the traditional Ankole architectural designs together with the different basic elements that are found in the Ankole household.
The Nkwanzi bookshop and crafts shop is the perfect place to get your souvenir. You will take home with you that souvenir after your Safaris and Tours in Uganda, and it will forever remind you of a place your heart fell in love with.
On your way in, you will be welcomed by the gorgeous Mburo Gardens which have so many monuments and sculptures; each with a unique story behind it. Also on your way out, the captivating Mburo gardens will remind you of a return trip that you will have to make. Stories are best told by authentic storytellers. I got the opportunity to meet very many of these in one place, I am sure you will also learn a lot, but even more, you will have a great time at Igongo Cultural Center.

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