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A Tourism week launched-Uganda Safaris & Tours

The UTourism week launched in Ugandaganda Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Maria Mutagamba has officially launched tourism activities that will lead to the celebrations of Tourism Day come Sept. 27. This will largely help to increase on the marketing of Uganda safaris and tours with in Uganda.

The main activities to be engaged in during the week included; domestic tourism launch dinner set for Aug.29, King Oyo Empango celebrations for Sept. 7, Mt. Rwenzori Royal mountain climbing challenge for Aug.8, tourism exhibition to be held at Booma Grounds, Fort portal from Sept. 24 to 27 among other activities Uganda Safaris will also be part of the activities to be engaged.

The minister said the sector is one of the major contributors to economic growth and urged the youth to get involved in ventures related to the sector. “It is a source of employment and that means earning money,” she said. She said government is committed to financing the sector as more developments in it are realized.

Uganda tours are to improve since Uganda has been named a top tourist destination many times across the world and this has given the country hope that more could be gained out of the sector. The National Geographic puts Uganda among the top 20 global tourism destinations in the year 2013.

The official data says Uganda earns shs 2.7 trillion as revenue from the sector annually. This has greatly improved the tourism sector at the same as increased safaris in Uganda.

The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undisturbed green nature. There are many tourist features in Uganda including bird species, wildlife, and the rare mountain gorillas among others. All these tourist attractions have greatly contributed to increase on safaris to Uganda.

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