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A visit to eastern Uganda – Prime Uganda Safaris & Tours

ugandan tourist having funEastern Uganda has got many attractions which have attracted many Uganda safaris but it has been neglected by the tour agents since most tourists have visited the western part of Uganda. These attractions include the mighty source of the Nile, Mount Elgon, Bujjagali Falls, sipi falls, and many others.

The sipi falls which are found in the far east of the country are truly spectacular. Either hiking or a stopover can make you experience a great sight of these falls. A safari to Uganda will expose you to the length of these falls found in the eastern Uganda. These falls also consist of the consecutive waterfalls of 100 metres high.

Mountain Elgon is another attraction that is enjoyed by tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. This mountain favours mountain climbing which provides a good adventure visit to Uganda. It’s a home to over 300 species of birds, the Lammergeyer, antelopes, monkeys, elephants and the buffalos.

The higher slopes of the mountain are protected by many national parks in Uganda & Kenya which helps in creating trans- boundary conservation area which supports the wildlife on this mountain. This mountain has attracted many mountain climbers who adventure while they safari Uganda.

The source of the Nile is another attraction which is found in the eastern part of Uganda, and it has attracted many tourists who have carried out safaris to Uganda in order to adventure the place. There are many activities which are participated in on the source of the Nile and these include; white water rafting, bungee jumping, swimming and visiting the point where the source of the Nile was identified.

Bujjagali falls is also a common attraction which is found in the eastern part of the country, though these have been mostly used for generating electricity, they have been continuously visited by the tourists who come for safaris with in Uganda. However, there are many tourist attractions which can be enjoyed by the visitors in the eastern part of Uganda

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