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A visit to Mabira Forest.-Uganda Safaris & Tours news

Mabira-Forest2-940x626Mabira forest is one of main tourist attractions of Uganda, and this has attracted many safaris to Uganda since this forest is considered to be the biggest forest in Uganda, this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country as well as developing the tourism sector in Uganda.

The forest is located along Jinja Road but specifically in Najjembe trading centre, the trees in the forest give way to nature’s beauty, birds, orchids, butterflies and the flowers in the forest, in addition to those, there are also Red tailed Monkeys. All these have helped in increasing Uganda safaris.

The forest has got variety of birds to see, including the Great Blue Turaco, Nahan’s Francolin, Papyrus Gonolek and the Black Hornbill., one may see an impala or a bushbuck, all these birds and animals have helped in increasing safari tours to Mabira Forest.

The forest is also endowed with numerous streams slinking through, papyrus swamps and patches of grassland. In them are the red-tailed monkeys pulling faces or diving from one branch to the other with practiced expertise. Crickets continue to have singing competitions. These wonderful creatures have greatly attracted many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda hence helping in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector.

The forest has got many tourist activities which have attracted many visitors to come for safari visits to Uganda, these activities include; nature walks, bird watching, primate watching, cycling and also game drives with in the forest.

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