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A visit to Nyungwe National Park-Rwanda Safaris


A visit to Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is found in Rwanda, a country which is bordered by Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo. This park has attracted many touriststo Rwanda who come for safaris to Rwanda. This has helped to generate enough revenue for the tourism sector in Rwanda.

The National park is also one of the world’s richest and it has more diverse ecosystems. It’s a home to 25% of all the primates in Africa and nearly 300 species of birds, this park has one of the oldest and rarest high altitude habitants in both central and eastern Africa. This has helped in increasing Rwanda safaris.The primates which are found in this park include the monkeys, chimpanzees and many more, these have attracted many trekkers who come for the chimpanzee tracking and the monkey trekking, thus increasing the revenue of the park as well as the tourism sector of Rwanda.Nyungwe National park has been voted for the world travel awards of 2013, and it’s going to compete with Kidepo of Uganda, Masai Mara of Kenya, Kalahari game reserve of Botswana, Serengeti national park of Tanzania, Kruger National Park of South Africa, this will help to market Nyungwe as a tourist destination thus increasing safaris to Rwanda.

In addition to Nyungwe National park, Rwanda has got many attractions which have attracted many safaris, these include , the mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris, the grave of Dian fossey who was a famous conservationist of gorilla in Rwanda, the culture of the people of Rwanda and the beautiful landscape of Rwanda. All these attractions have helped in increasing the number of visitors who come for safaris in Rwanda.

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