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A visit to the land of Rubirizi District – Uganda safaris

gorilla-trekkingThis district is located in the western part of Uganda, and it was named after the town chief who was called Rubirizi, where the district is currently located. Many Uganda safaris have been carried out in this district due to the presence of the tourist attractions in the park. This has helped to improve the development of tourism in the district.

The district is boarded by Kasese district in the north and this has got many hotels and lodges which have always been used by the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, Kamwenge distrist which is in the north east, Ibanda district which is in the east and Buhweju district which is in the south west. The district head quarters are also located 90 kms by road, northwest of Mbarara town.

The district has got its major tourist attractions which have continued to attract tourists for Uganda safaris, these include; queen Elizabeth National park, which occupies lake George to Lake Edward which is connected by Kazinga channel, this channel has been used for launch cruises by the visitors. There are many species of animals in the park, including the hippos, chimpanzees, lions, elephants and over 500 species of birds for those interested in birding safaris.

Lake Edward and Lake George are also part of the attractions in Rubirizi district; these lakes connect and form the famous Kazinga Channel which is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Both these lakes have attracted many safari visits since they are located in the rift valley basins.

A safari to Rubirizi district will automatically expose you to Bwindi impenetrable National Park, which is famous for mountain gorilla tracking, these animals are wonderful to look at and they will provide you a forgettable experience. This park harbours half of the mountain gorillas remaining in the whole world. It has however attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains which are famously called the mountains of the moon are also part of this district, these have attracted many mountain climbers who have enjoyed the adventurous tours on mountain Rwenzori and this has helped to increase safaris in Uganda.

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