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The Bamasaba people who thrive on the foot hills of Mount Elgon feature one of the remarkable cultures that would form a rich ground for cultural safaris in Uganda if tapped into.

The Bamasaba also referred to as the Bagisu feature an organised Cultural Institution that is charged with all the developments in the tribe and the current head of this Institution Mr. Bob Mushokori carrying the title of Umukuka is faced with lack of funds despite his zeal to prosper the institution and develop the Masaba land as a rich Uganda safari tour destination.

The Inzu Ya Masaba as the institution is locally known features impressive plans including organising a meeting to foster Unity and the meeting for heads of 26 Bugisu clans that would craft the avenues of conserving their culture and if possible use as a tool to foster development through Uganda tours.   The cultural leader notes that the funds to run the institution are inadequate as it only survives on donations along with the five (5) millions extended to the traditional leaders by the government.

The Bamasaba are worldly known for their Imbalu circumcision ceremony which marks the transition of young boys to manhood. This event which occurs in every even year is a cultural wonder as young boys are cut alive without any kind of sterilization. This event has been incorporated in the list of national products worth exploring by the travellers on Uganda Safaris and tours.

The Bamasaba tribal group also feature a considerable cultural attachment to Mount Elgon also known as Mount Masaba. The mountain is believed to an embodiment to their founding father Masaba and thus for example taking an adventure hike to the once tallest mountain in Africa in the company of indigenous Bagisu guides would be a complete journey to their ancient past. The 4321m high Wagagai peak can be summated in 4 days following the shortest Sasa trail.


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