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Accommodation improvement to promote tourism in Uganda- Uganda Safaris

Uganda saafrica safari accommodationsfaris are mainly based on the type of accommodation that is entrusted to the tourists during their safari coverage. The hotels in Uganda are not yet to the standard in order to accommodate the visitors on the safaris.

The hotels and Lodges which are located in most of the National parks are of poor quality and the tourists have always complained. Therefore there is need for an improvement in the hotel sector in order to improve the accommodation facilities especially in the national parks which are frequently visited by the tourists on safaris.

A safari to Uganda can be successful once the accommodation facilities are well catered for and the tourists are satisfied with the services offered by the hotels or lodges. Therefore it’s important to provide good services to the tourists or visitors in order to encourage repeat business.

Therefore in order to improve safaris to Uganda, the government has to come in to emphasise the quality of hotels in Uganda. There should regulations against the accommodation sector so that a quality service is promoted in Uganda.

The minister of Tourism, Hon. Maria Mutagamba should come up with strategies to counter face the quality of lodges especially in the National Parks which are mostly visited by those on safaris.

More Accommodation facilities like inns, guest houses, hostels, lodges and campsites should be put in place to cater for the increasing number of tourists since the tourism sector in Uganda is developing at bigger rate.

Furthermore, Roads to the destinations especially to the national parks should be improved and new ones should be constructed in order to enforce accessibity to such places and also to promote and increase more safaris to Uganda.

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