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Activities Attracting Tourists in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park-Uganda Safari News

lionBwindi has a lot of activities which have attracted more safaris in Uganda. These include mountain gorilla trekking which is the most interesting activity which has attracted more tours in Uganda. Gorilla trekking requires 600$ for gorilla permits in the high season and 350$in the low season, registration starts at 8:00am and then you go for briefing at 9:00am by the gorilla trackers. There are many different kinds of gorillas which include eastern lowland gorillas, western lowland gorillas and others. The gorillas communicate to the guides after finding the gorillas and the tourists go to have time with the gorillas. This is an interesting activity and it has promoted more gorilla visits in Uganda.

There is an activity of hiking in the area which is also an interesting activity which has attracted safari tours in Uganda. This needs no guide because there are many people around the Nkuringo area that can guide you about the routes of the village at an affordable price. You will walk for 5 hours from Buhooma to Nkuringo and then head to Lake Mutanda which will take 3 hours. You will then go canoeing for 1 hour as you cross the lake to get to Kisoro. A tourist then gets transport to get Mgahinga National Park for volcano climbing. This is an interesting experience which has promoted more safari visits in Uganda.

There is birding at the park where you will observe different birds in the park which are unique and make tourists happy while on their tours in Uganda. These are mostly seen as tourists are moving around the park and also carrying out other activities which are so interesting hence attracting more safari tours to Uganda.

 There is Mountain Biking in Bwindi which tourists enjoy while on their tour visits in Uganda. Tourists climb the Buhooma mountain trail where at its peak they can view a lot of wildlife. This is an exciting experience and it has therefore promoted more safaris in Uganda hence developing the tourism sector through the revenues generated.

Culture Encounters is also another activity that has promoted more tours in Uganda. These are performed by the Batwa people and Bakiga. These people tell the tourists there cultural activities and how they live their life. They perform for them their traditional dances, craft activities, farming skills and also tell many stories. This makes tourists feel at home hence attracting them to come for more Uganda visits.

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