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Activities carried out by Tourists in Semuliki National Park-Uganda safari News

birdingThere is birding activity in Semuliki National Park since there are many birds like shoebill stork, White-crested Hombill, Great blue and much more. This activity is so interesting and has attracted more safaris in Uganda. The places where birds are found include the Kirumia River, Ntandi and Sempaya. These provide amazing bird view sites hence attracting Uganda visits.

The park also has Cultural Encounters which are performed by the Batwa and Ntandi people. These explain to the tourists how they survive, their stable food, medicine from trees and also perform their dances. This brings joy to the tourists since these people are loving and friendly. This attracts tourists to come for more visits in Uganda since uganda a loving country.

Game drive is also another activity carried out in Semuliki National Park. This is where tourists drive around the park as they are seeing different animals such as buffaloes, monkeys, giraffes, Uganda Kob and many others. This is an impressing activity to the tourists therefore attracting more safari visits to Uganda.

The park has Mountain hiking and Nature walks which are also entertaining while on a Uganda tour. Tourists hike mountains for around 2-4 hours usually during morning and afternoon. They also walk around the park to see the Sempaya nature trail, Kirumai trail as they also observe different wildlife. This has also attracted more tourists to come to tour Uganda and also see the nature of the country.

The Semuliki Hot Springs are also a tourist attraction in semuliki that tourists visit to see the birds, mangabeys, monkeys and so many others hence promoting more Uganda visits and boosting the tourism sector.

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