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Activities Found in Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda safaris News

Ugandas-Kidepo-ValleyThere are Game drives carried out in Kidepo valley National Park. This is an amazing activity that attracts tourists to come for Uganda safaris. As you are carrying out the activity you will see different animals like the buffaloes, lions, elephants, leopards, ostrich and many others. These make the tourists excited hence attracting more safaris in Uganda and developing the tourism sector.

There is Birding in Kidepo which also makes people happy as they come for safaris to Uganda. In Kidepo there are different types of birds that are seen as tourists walk around the area. The birding experience is so interesting and does not need energy hence making the tour to Ugandamarvelous. Birds are always spotted at Apoka Rest Camp and on the boundaries of Namamukweny and also Narus Valleys.

Kidepo Valley also has the Leisure walks and Hiking activities. These also make travelers happy on their Uganda tours. Tourists climb different mountains in kidepo and at the peak they see different areas and wildlife hence an exciting experience while on a Uganda safari. The tourists also visit the areas around the park and interact with people around the area. This makes tourists feel at home as the people are lovely hence promoting more visits in Uganda.

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