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Activities in Mgahinga Gorilla Park-Uganda Safari News

gorilla tracking in Mgahinga npMgahinga gorilla park was first gazetted as a gorilla shelter in1930and later in 1991 it was upgraded to a national park which attracts safaris in Uganda.It is Uganda’s nominal park. Mgahinga gorilla park presently protects in  three parts of the Virunga volcanoes found in South western Uganda neighboring Rwanda which enables both Uganda and Rwanda visits. Mgahinga has activities like Volcano mountaineering, Mountain gorilla trekking,  Golden monkey tracking & Batwa trails

 Volcano mountaineering  is truly a remarkable experience that needs only buoyancy and dedication but not skills and because of this it attracts many tours in Uganda.As you surmount the Virunga ranges top summits you will be mesmerized by the contrasting vegetation, venture through the bamboo forests, montane woodlands and moorlands sprinkled with massive heather vegetation which increases Uganda safaris.

Muhabura has a highest summit enclosed by afro-montane vegetation which attracts safaris to Uganda. It  takes over hours to Climb Muhabura because it is measured the hardest to climb amongst the three ranges therefore many come  to have a look at this hence more safaris in Uganda.

Sabyinyo offers hiking adventures and bird watching which takes place mostly in the Sabyinyo gorge where people get the opportunity to set  their eyes on the unusual Rwenzori Tura co and the Buffalo wall which is now used for bird observing and has likewise got vast views of the park hence attracting more tours in Uganda .

The gorilla cluster is known as Nyakagyezi composed of 9 members. Mgahinga gorilla park lately hosts only 1 gorilla faction that had just returned from  Rwanda a year back which has increased Uganda safaris..Golden monkey tracking is a mounting activity and cheaper than gorilla trekking hence increasing tours in Uganda. The good and better way of life of this rift valley primate has captivated and won over the hearts of majority hence promoting Uganda safaris.

Batwa are the local pygmies of the area. The government with an intenion of preserving more ground for the parks, pressed these people off the land they occupied  for a long time. Mgahinga park therefore offers clients a chance to visit the pygmies this gives a chance to promote more safaris to Uganda.Tourists in the country now visit the pygmies after a payment which is used for education and fruit gathering welfare of the people hence increasing Uganda safaris.Activities like fruit gathering, hunting, personal movements , community moves and interacting with the local people are carried out during the visits.

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