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Adventure Jinja District in Uganda-Uganda Safaris & Tours

bujagaliJinja is a famous town in Uganda, which stands on the out flow of Lake Victoria; this town is known to be a tourist town with many attractions which have attracted many Ugandan safaris which have helped at improving the tourism sector in Uganda.

The source of the Nile in Jinja has attracted thousands of visitors each year which has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda. Some of the tourists are drawn by the history and geography of the place; other visitors are attracted by the knowledge that exploring the river waters is a conformable activity that provides experience.

The town has got many colonial era buildings which have been restored as hotels and restaurants which have greatly backed and helped tourists who come for safaris in Uganda, since they have the facilities available for use. The town has got many clubs and golf Corse activities which are enjoyed by the tourists.

The source of the Nile which is found in this place is an outlet from Lake Victoria, and it passes through high, cultivated banks and series of rapids which are marked by forested mid- Channel Islands. All these have attracted Ugandan safaris especially for those interested in Water bodies.

Jinja is also a cultural centre since it harbours both the Buganda and the Basoga , these tribes have attracted many tourists due to their significant cultural practices like , their way of life, kingdoms and many others hence increasing cultural safaris with in Uganda. The source of the Nile is an important site to both these tribes and rituals are always performed at Bujagali and Kalangala falls.

With a combination of many tourists activities and relaxing excursions, decent hotels and good restaurants, the pleasant scenery and its historical significance, have attracted people to enjoy safaris to Jinja. Jinja Nile is one of Uganda’s main tourist destinations, which offers relaxation, adventure and history.

Activities in Jinja include; white water rafting which is done on the source of the Nile, Kayaking, quad biking, jet boating and bungee jumping over the River. All these activities have greatly attracted many tourists to take on safaris to Uganda.

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