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Adventure Tourism on Lake Kivu in Rwanda –Rwanda Safari News

lake kivu in rwandaLake Kivu is the largest water body in Rwanda and one of Great Lakes that make Africa unique adventure tourism destination in the world. Positioned between the two neighboring countries of Rwanda in the east and Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west, the lake is one of the unique tourism destinations in Rwanda which can offer travelers on Rwanda safaris opportunities to have test of adventurous activities.
Lake Kivu is extremely stunning a vast inland sea surrounded by the steep as well as green terraced hills that are spread all over Rwanda. The wonderful shores of lake Kivu is Center of adventurious activities in Rwanda because its where the three resort towns of Gisenyi, as well as Kibuye and Cyangugu are linked by an interesting wild roller-coaster road that head long through lush green plantations which attract the attention of any travelers who under takes safari tour to Rwanda.
Taking safaris to Rwanda‘s Lake Kivu will expose the traveler to Gisenyi town which is just a short drive from Ruhgengeri which is also Center of the memorable gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park .Gisenyi town is suited on a sandy beach lined with undulating palms as well as the unique colonial-era hotels that positively discharge an atmosphere that means travelers on Rwanda safari and tours on this part of Rwanda to feel as if they want to sleep. The town is that unique place where world travelers spending their holidays Safari in Rwanda can participate in different sandy beach activities such as swimming, beach football among others.
The two towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye are the prominent places near Lake Kivu where travelers on adventure safaris in Rwanda can head for wonderful creature comforts as well as refreshing water sports activities. Besides the main resorts, Lake Kivu circuits provide visitors a highly rewarding sights and glimpses into traditional Africa fishermen as they go about their daily activities of fishing in the white waters of Lake Kivu. Tour to this part of Rwanda also offers an encounter with the colorfully dressed Rwandan beautiful ladies when they are chilling while smoking the traditional wooden pipes.
In addition, the interesting bird life found around Lake Kivu make it the best destination to spend Rwanda safari from between it offers unexplainable experiences full of adventure and wonderful sights and views of bird species.
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