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Africa Birding Safaris, Birdwatching Tours in Africa, African Birding Tours

Birdwatching tours in Africa/birding in Africa is among the best safari tours to have in a lifetime. Africa has favorable biomes and conditions for various bird species.

The African birds are so profound that even on another safari type, you can see them on the open savannahs. Expect to also view special birds on the savannah landscapes, freshwater and crater lakes, forests, and the swamps, among others during your tours.

Top bird watching destinations for example Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and Kruger National Park in South Africa have more than 500 bird species to explore.

Through a professional guide, an African bird club, or birding friends, discover the different great birds ranging from the near endemic bird species to endangered ones in the most unspoiled regions of the continent.

On your birding ecotours expect to find the endemics, waders, forest dwellers, and those that live in the open plains, among others on an exquisite tour.

Book your African birding tour today for an exceptional encounter like many of our trip reports.

Best African Birdwatching Destinations/Countries | List of Top African Birdwatching National Parks

With every country giving a unique birding tour safari, we look at the top bird watching destinations and national parks in the African continent.

Africa Birding in Uganda

Africa Birding Safaris

Uganda in East Africa ranks among the richest destinations to have a Uganda birding tour of a lifetime. The country holds the most sought-after and rare types like the Shoebill and the Albertine Rift Endemics including the Green Breasted Pitta to view during your tour.

Queen Elizabeth National Park protects over 600 bird species, the highest number compared to other protected areas in Eastern Africa. Other destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibale National Park will give you great safari tours in discovering the various Albertine Rift and Congo biome species.

Expect to view the endemics, the near endemic bird species, and the common, and critically endangered, among others during your safari.

Other than a birding tour, these parks will also avail you of peculiar game viewing safari tours, giving you treasured moments to watch the endangered Mountain Gorillas and explore the source of the Nile.

Experienced safari tour specialists, fluent in the English language to help you with the beautiful safari trips in the country.

Tanzania Bird Watching Safari

With the right number of bird watching days in the country, East Africa, you will discover more than 1,156 species and 20 endemics in the country during your tours.

The country has various other endemics, common, critically endangered, and near endemic bird species, among others to view on amazing tours and trips.

You will also explore other exciting birds of the Great Rift Valley and the crater lakes that boast colorful Flamingos.

Some of the top Africa birding sites in the country include Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous, Ruaha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Mahale, Gombe, Katavi Kilimanjaro and Arusha among others.

Most of these destinations in the country are great for game viewing for example Serengeti National Park which hosts the annual Wildebeest Migration that will also allow you to watch the Zebras, various Antelopes, and other mammals.

South Africa Birding Tours

South Africa ranks as one of the best places in Africa for game viewing at Kruger National Park. However, South Africa is also among the richest places to tour authentic Africa birding ecotours.

The South Africa birding tours will take you to South Africa’s Kruger National Park which holds more than 500 specie types and Cape Town where you will view over 150 kinds of special birds. On other destinations of South Africa, you can do birding tour trips on a self-game drive thus allowing you to fully explore the wild.

South Africa has 8 types that are only found in the Prince Edward Islands that you will see on the adventurous tours. For Pelagic birding safari in South Africa, birders usually visit South Africa’s Cape City on a boat trip.

South Africa’s many local types and endemics in South Africa can also be seen in Drakensberg, Lesotho, Karoo, Western Cape, Bushmanland, and the coast of Zululand.

Some of the most sought-after types to watch during your South Africa birding tours include the Cape Sugarbird, African Penguin, Blue Crane, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Drakensberg Rockjumper, and the Pink Throated Twinspot. The Drakensberg Rockjumper which is related to the Allopatric Cape Rockjumper can be seen in Drakensberg Mountain and Lesotho.

Explore South Africa’s common, endangered, critically endangered, and near endemic bird species on your visit to South Africa.

Experienced Guides like the famous Callan Cohen who bases in Cape Town, South Africa can help with the adventure in the country.

On your South African birding tours, you can add nature tours or game viewing tours that will take you to Kruger National Park which is home to the big five and other mammals like the Black Footed Cat.

Some of South Africa’s types to see on your birding tours in South Africa include the,

  • Cape Rockjumper
  • African Oystercatcher
  • African Penguin
  • Knysna Turaco
  • Southern Bald Ibis
  • Kori Bustard
  • Orange-breasted Sunbird
  • Knysna Turaco
  • Spotted Ground Thrush
  • Red-chested Flufftail

Central African Republic

Africa Birding Safaris

The Central African Republic comprises a wide forest that protects some of the rare avian types of the continent, some of which are endemic to the Albertine Rift endemic and others to the unique biome of the country.

The wide unique biome makes it home to a wide-ranging birdlife for example the common, endangered, near threatened, critically endangered, and near endemic bird species.

New lodges have been set up to support birding ecotours. Expect to view various kinds for example the African Piculet, Picathartes, and other West African types.

Additionally, you may also visit the Democratic Republic of Congo for other amazing game viewing safari tours.

Botswana Birdwatching Tours

North of Botswana is an extensive wilderness that protects various mammals.

In this country found in the North of South Africa the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert for your birding ecotours. In the rainy season around October, get to view various types like the Lesser Jacana, Wattled Crane, Pel’s Fishing Owl, and the Slaty Egret which is among the endemic species in the Okavango Delta.

By visiting Chobe National Park in the country, you will get to watch various Herons, Larks, Hartlaub’s Babblers, Brown Fire Finch, Melodious Larks, Swamp Boubou, and the Southern Pied Babblers.

Kenya Birding Safaris

This country in East Africa is made up of various landscapes and biomes that allow the country to be home to a high number of bird species.

Kenya holds a world record of watching over 342 types within 24 hours. Between November and April, expect to view several migratory types from Europe and Southern Africa both on land and the shorelines.

The different kinds to watch during your birding safari in Kenya include among others Swallows, Weavers, and Bishops. Other special birds that are among the endemics of the country include the Tara River Cisticola, Aberdare Cisticola, Hinde’s Pied Babbler, William’s Lark, Clarke’s Weaver, and Sharpe’s Pipit.

Visit the famous Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, etc for such amazing bird watching safari trips in the country. They are also famed places for watching mammals.

Rwanda Birding Safari

A birding tour in Rwanda in East Africa is one of the best safari types in the country even though it is highly regarded for trekking Mountain Gorillas on the slopes of its rolling hills.

The country has more than 600 specie types and the major birding destination is Nyungwe Forest National Park which is an Important Birding Area (IBA) recognized by Bird Life International.

Among the various avian kinds in the country, there are some endemics to spot on your trips and they include the Albertine Owlet, Collared Apalis, Red Collared Mountain Babbler, the Grauer’s, etc.

The marshy wetlands of the Akagera National Park are home to the endangered and most sought-after Shoebill Stork that is native to Africa. Akagera is also the only place for wildlife viewing where you will meet different mammals.

Zimbabwe and Zambia

Both countries hold Victoria Falls, recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world. Many waders including the Shoebill stork concentrate on the regions around Victoria Falls, thus giving you exceptional birding safari tours.

Expect to view the African Pitta among other avian types on your trips.

Zimbabwe in the North of South Africa has various endemic species and others that you can best spot from October to March. Among the over 650 types in the country, you will spot the special birds Angola Pitta and the Taita Falcon.

In Zimbabwe, get to explore these great birds at Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, and Mana Pools National Park which is a famous place for walking safari tours. Enjoy the great sights of the Goliath Herons and Shelley’s Sun Birds.

The neighboring Malawi also offers amazing safari tours with the various endemic birds.

Mozambique Avian Tours

Mozambique in the West of South Africa offers exquisite birding ecotours at the coastline of the Indian Ocean. The lush environment on the coast of the country is home to various migratory waders.

Gorongosa National Park in Southern Mozambique has seasonal wetlands, open woodlands, and grasslands, thus home to the Vocal Burchll’s Coucal, the Grey Crowned Crane, and the Red Necked Spurfowl.

In the North, the Quirimbus Archipelago is an amazing birding destination that also attracts various great birds therefore a favorable place for your birding ecotours. There are new birds that are recorded now and then in this country.

On your Mozambique birding ecotours, expect to view different types, for example, the endangered Thyolo Alethe, the Blue Double Collared and the Striking Red Sun Birds, Mangrove Kingfisher, Tiny Greenbul, White Tailed Blue Flycatcher, etc.

Namibia Birding Safaris

Namibia in the Northwest of South Africa protects the oldest desert and the highest dunes in the world. In Namibia, Etosha National Park is among the best destinations in the world protecting various avian types.

However, because of the large desert in the country, the area is quite expensive than other countries in Southern Africa and less popular for avian identification.

Madagascar Avian Viewing Encounters

Although separated from the rest of the African continent, this island destination has a numerable number of great birds, some of which migrate to other African countries in specific seasons.

Various mammals that are among the endemics in the country also roam these islands and you will also find many Chameleons on your nature tours.

In Madagascar, you will enjoy your birding ecotours in the tropical beaches, Baobab Dotted Spinny Forests, and the Stone Forest of Tsingy.

Some of these kinds to see in Madagascar include Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Dancing Sifaka, Helmet Vanga, and Ground Roller, among others. The Long-Tailed Ground Roller among the endemics to small Southwestern Madagascar.

Avian Watching in Seychelles

Seychelles holds beautiful archipelagos near the equatorial Indian Ocean ranging from the coralline to the granite. The islands were declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1986 due to the high breeding of the Sooty Terns.

There are endemics in these islands including the Seychelles Black Parrot which is the national bird of the beautiful country. Other great types of endemics to the islands include the

  • Seychelles Blue Pigeon
  • Seychelles Sunbird
  • Seychelles Scops Owl
  • Seychelles Magpie Robin
  • Seychelles White-Eye
  • Seychelles Warbler
  • Seychelles Fody
  • Seychelles Bulbul
  • Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher
  • Seychelles Swiftlet

Other types to view at the interior of the islands include Indian Myna, Zebra Dove, Bright Madagascar Fody/ Red Cardinal Fody, White Tailed Tropic Birds, and Dazzling White Fairy Terns, among others.

Apart from avian viewing in the islands, you may also do your tours on land or do other safari tours like nature tours to the seas peacefully.

Cameroon Avian Viewing Safari

Cameroon is a birder paradise for any birder going to West Africa because of the numerous numbers to watch.

Much as it has rougher terrains than countries in East Africa and South Africa, avian viewing in Cameroon is among the best as it holds many endemics, various West African rainforest dwellers, and many Sahelian types.

Among the various places, visit the upper Guinea Forest for exceptional birding ecotours.

Other West African countries to tour these unique Africa birding ecotours include the Gabon and Cameroon.

Ethiopia Birding Tours

Ethiopia boasts more than 550 kinds, and you can explore them in Addis Ababa and other areas.

The country protects some of the rare types that are considered near extinct for example the Liben Lark, Rudd’s Lark, and the Archer’s Lark.

Where Can I Go Birding in Jamaica?

There are many rich destinations in Jamaica to do bird watching and below is a list of the major places to go to.

  1. Hotel Mocking Bird Hill
  2. Enchanted Garden Resort
  3. The Gardens at Reach Falls
  4. Frenchman’s Cove
  5. The Cockpit Country
  6. Rockland’s Bird Sanctuary
  7. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park
  8. Fonthill Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Dean’s Valley Forest Reserve and the Woodlands on top of the Whitehouse

Number of Bird Species in Each Country

Africa Birding Safaris

For a better choice on where to go for your Africa birding tours, you can also consider the number of species in a country.

Below are the approximated number of species in major birding sites in the African continent.

  1. Ugandan species – More than 1088
  2. Tanzania – About 1,156
  3. South Africa – Over 849
  4. Botswana – About 615
  5. Democratic Republic of Congo – Over 1,188
  6. Kenya – Over 158
  7. Rwanda – About 705
  8. Madagascar – Over 311 with 109 specie types that are nowhere else in the world.
  9. Ethiopia – About 880
  10. Zambia – More than 858
  11. Zimbabwe – Over 708
  12. Cameroon – Over 970
  13. Namibia – More than 685
  14. Mozambique – Over 788
  15. Jamaica – About 331

African Birding Tour Packages

  • 1-day Mabamba Swamp to search for the prehistoric Shoebill
  • 6 days birding tour in Northern Tanzania, East Africa
  • 13 days Ugandan wildlife and birding safari
  • 15 days birding safari in South Africa in Kruger National Park, Cape City
  • 17 days Southern Africa Endemics in South Africa (Kruger National Park and Cape City Visit)
  • 18 days Ugandan birding tour in the Mabamba Swamp and the Albertine Rift
  • 18 days search for Ugandan endemics and the Eastern belt of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Is a Birding Safari More Expensive than Other Safaris

Birding ecotours are often more expensive than other wildlife safaris that take you to view African mammals. This is because unlike other tours, a birding safari includes expert local guides, and the tour companies will need to pay him or her in addition to catering for their travel and accommodation expenses.

Also, a bird watching itinerary will take you to remote destinations that are not usually visited to look for other types.

Therefore, many birders usually camp or stay in more basic accommodation facilities to cut some costs. Find such accommodations in South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, among others.

We Use Specialists & Local Bird Guides

On your birding ecotours, you will meet the very best specialists to give you the finest tour.

Additionally, some local guides from local communities provide the necessary knowledge and the best tours for your bird watching safari tours.

You will find them in different birding safari destinations like South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, among others during your tour.

What to Consider When Going for an African Birding Safari

  1. Use a professional and one of the most experienced birding tour companies. They will provide you with the right services and specialists for more authentic tours and safaris.
  2. Travelers who are considering cutting costs should either stay in camps or more basic accommodation. This will also allow you the wild in its purity in some countries like South Africa, and Botswana, among others.
  3. Alternatively, those considering costs can also book a normal wildlife package to view mammals and then ask for knowledgeable local guides with expertise in avian safari tours too.
  4. Pack the necessary equipment like your pair of binoculars and camera for memorable tours.
  5. Buy a field guide to help you learn about the different avian types and classifications in a specific destination or park.
  6. Exploring with other people in small groups will avail you with more knowledge and help to share costs during safaris.

Popular Books for Your Birding Ecotours in the African Continent

Various books will help you with your birding ecotours in Africa and below are the major books to use for your Africa birding safari.

Birds of Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia

There are over 70% of the sub-Saharan bird species written about in this book, giving you general knowledge about the various types in the different countries.

Birds of Africa: South of the Sahara

Discover the African avian types in just one book that describes and illustrates all the examples that are in the Afrotropic Region (South of the Sahara Desert).

The Birder’s Guide to Africa by Michael Mills

Because of the big volume of this book, it is best to read it from home as you plan to travel. The book will teach you about the best regions to go exploring different avian families and classifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Country in Africa has the Best Birding? | What Countries are Best for Bird Watching?

Different African countries provide viewing tours for travelers. However, you will experience extensive birding ecotours in Uganda’s protected areas, Central Africa, South Africa, and Botswana, among others.

Which Continent is Best Known for Bird Watching?

African Birding Safaris

Africa is known as “the birding continent” as the continent harbors various brightly colored types that are easy to spot. Explore rich destinations like South Africa and Botswana, among others.

However, South America, which has the highest number of species on the earth is considered “the bird continent”.

Why Choose an African Birding Safari

Africa boasts a large variety of beautifully colored specie types living in all the biomes of the continent. You will be assigned expert local guides to lead you on a birdlife discovery of a lifetime. Visit peculiar countries like South Africa and Botswana among others.

Do You Need a Birder for a Birding Safari

Some birding tours will need you to have a birder while this is optional for other excursions. However, having a birder will make it easier as you will have an expert to spot and identify different species.

In case you go exploring on your own, you will need your pair of binoculars and field guidebook.

Professional birders can be found in all the countries to watch these beautiful creations like South Africa, Botswana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Namibia, etc.

What is the Best Southern African Bird Guide?

The best African guidebooks to Southern Africa include the 5th edition of the Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, the second edition of the Roberts Bird Guide, and Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa. The guide will lead you to discover unique species at Kruger National Park in South Africa and other nations in this region of Africa.

Additionally, joining an African bird club will give you more knowledge about these books.

Which Month is Best for Birding in South Africa?

The best months for birding ecotours in South Africa are from September to March and December to January which are the peak season. This is also one of the best times to go for a wildlife safari at Kruger National Park and an exploration of Cape City in South Africa and explore different mammals.

Experience the amazing safari tour of discovering different bird species in the African continent. Because of the unique biomes and climatic conditions in different countries, each destination will allow you to discover special birds and new birds as you explore Africa to watch birds.

Inquire with us today about amazing birding ecotours and let us craft the best itinerary for you.

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