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Africa Camping Safaris & Tented Wild Camping Tours

African camping safaris/Africa safari camping tours are the best way for travelers who want an authentic experience in Africa. A camping safari gives opportunities to soak up the tour environment and feel part of nature.

You will enjoy a great camping experience of sleeping in the national parks surrounded by wildlife with sightings of landscapes with nature as you discover the great way to backpack through Africa.

Camping holiday tours are a journey of a lifetime as you sleep under the stars and listen to the sounds of distant wildlife and you can enjoy watching the sunset on the African plains.

Africa camping safari tours are budget friendly for travelers on Africa safaris who want to explore the amazing wilderness. You will require a comfortable set-up with high-quality tents, a dining tent, a campfire, great food, and minimal hassle.

Camping safari tours are great for bonding with your family or other people on the tour, including the support crew of your trip like the tour guide and driver. Camping safaris are best in Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia, especially in South Luangwa National Park, Uganda, and Mozambique.

There is no need to splash out a top lodge to capture the essence of Africa, just take your bush camp safari tours and listen for the call of the wild.

Types of Camping Safaris

There are several options for travelers looking to experience the great outdoors let it be a budget camping safari or luxurious glamping tours.

Below are the types of camping safaris;

Self-catered Camping safari

A self-catered camping safari is a hands-on safari experience tourists can have. This means that confident campers will be setting up and tearing down their campsite by themselves and also be responsible for their food preparation.

In general, travelers are on their own with their devices at the campsites though they can have an experienced and knowledgeable guide during game drives and walking safaris.

This type of camping safari is common in Masai Mara National Reserve of Kenya, Okavango Delta in Botswana, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater of Tanzania, Hwange National Park, Namib Desert, and near Victoria Falls

Glamping Safari

A glamping tour is for travelers who want to enjoy the best of what their camping safari destination has to offer and you will not be required to spend time cooking or setting up camps.

You are housed in large canvas tents with beds and plenty of storage, all these experiences include private game drives and fine dining experiences.

Usually, on this type of camping safari, you are housed in a luxury tented camp and they are more exclusive in Masai Mara National Reserve of Kenya, Lake Manyara, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta in Botswana, and Uganda.

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Top Safari Destinations for Camping in Africa

Africa Camping Safari

Africa is the best destination for camping safari tours and each country is unique in that you will get different settings and a natural beauty. The tented camps offer a more adventurous trip with all the comfort that you would expect from a luxury lodge.


This is home to the tail end of the great migration, Kenya is most famous for Masai Mara Reserve which is an incredible place to view wild animals in the world. Camping safaris in this country are amazing as you get up close with the Big Five and experiencing the area in such a unique way makes Kenya one of the world’s best tour destinations.

For exclusive camping tours, we have come up with a listing of the best-tented safari camps for camping trips.


It is located just outside of Masai Mara in Olderkesi Private Conservancy and forms a corridor between the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. This area has the largest concentrations of terrestrial wildlife on earth as well as some amazing vistas in Africa.

The suites at this camp are lavishly furnished with authentic antiques and some of the highlights are; vintage-style luxurious tented camp with butler services, front seats to the Wildebeest migration, amazing Maasai cultural experiences, hot air ballooning and helicopter flights over the Great Rift Valley, and swimming in the nearby waterfall.


This is one of the most exclusive camps in the Mara ecosystem and is located in a special part of the Greater Mara area. This lodge is on a ledge that overlooks the Great Rift Valley and has a modern and elegant feel.

The highlights here are; it is situated close to the Great Migration River crossing hotspot, has prolific animals, has exclusive-use tour vehicles, tented luxurious suites, and welcomes children from 6 years and older.

This is the camp to experience an adventurous African tour wrapped in luxurious creature comforts.


June to October are the best time to visit Tanzania for a camping safari. This is also the peak season and expect to spend more on flights, accommodation, and safari packages with visits to Dar es Salaam.

These are the best places in Tanzania for camping holiday tours;


Africa Camping Safaris

Singita Mara River Camp offers the best seats for witnessing the great Wildebeest migration. This camp is found on the banks of the Mara River in northern Serengeti an area that hosts over 1 million Wildebeest and Zebras on a move to new pastures in the north.

These animals cross the Mara River despite being infested with crocodiles and big cats waiting to capture them. You can witness the drama by staying here in comfort.

The highlights here are; witnessing the Mara River crossing, all-year game viewing, guided walking safaris, and luxury tented accommodation with views of the surrounding plains for a great camping experience.


Namiri Plains is about an hour and a half drive east of the game-rich area of the Serengeti. This area was a Cheetah conservation area and you will be amused by the number of big cats that you will find.

The landscape and the grassy plains stretch as the eye can see. This luxury tented camp will have you in a lap of luxury while you are out in the remote wild part of Tanzania.

The highlights here are sightings of amazing predators sightings, this luxury camp features tented structures, relaxation massages, and a remote and exclusive safari experience.


This has all makings of a classic tented safari experience as it combines European style with African influences and modern elements offering creature comforts one needs while spending time in the African wilderness.

It is also close to both Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks and guests are guaranteed a getaway filled with exciting wildlife encounters and amazing views.

The highlights are; it is set in a private concession with large herds of buffalo and elephant, close to Tarangire and Lake Manyara game parks, cultural village visits, night drives, private dinners in stunning bush locations, and hot-air balloon safaris over the Great Rift Valley.


Mila Tented Camp is set in the western corridor of Serengeti National Park. This camp has style tents that provide an Oasis in this wild landscape, and it is kitted with a central mess tent, dining and lounge areas as well as a bar.

You can enjoy outstanding wild animal encounters including Leopards, Lions, Elephants, etc. The highlights are guided game drives, walking safaris, and game viewing, and the camp features a swimming pool and an airstrip.


Botswana is a perfect safari destination for a camping safari as it has the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta which is a paradise for animals, and it is one of the popular destinations for safaris in Africa.

Africa Camping Safaris

These are the best places in Botswana for camping vacation tours;


San Camp is in the middle of nowhere in a tranquil environment and it is good for those looking for a heavenly retreat closed off from the rest of the world. It is within the clusters of desert palms and the billowing white Meru-style tents overlook the Makgadikgadi’s gigantic salt pans, giving it an incredible sense of expansiveness.

Tourists can explore the rolling grasslands in many ways like quad biking, horseback riding, or on nature walks guided by the Kalahari Desert Bushmen.


The camp’s luxury tents overlook the verdant landscape of mopane woodlands and flooded grassland of the Okavango Delta and also this camp offers the best wrapped in luxurious creature comforts. Game drives in the rolling savannahs of Moremi Game Reserve offer exciting glimpses of wildlife.

The highlights here are the seasonal mokoro excursions, scenic helicopter flights for wildlife viewing, and sport fishing.


While here, you have the whole place to yourself and get to enjoy a camping experience. It is situated at the edge of the Okavango Delta and this camp offers an amazing classic African safari experience with a more romantic twist.

After exploring the Okavango Delta, tourists can return to one of the five romantic suites and have a luxurious 4-poster bed rolled out onto the private deck to sleep under a canopy of stars.


Namibia is an incredible country with diverse landscapes in the world and you can enjoy all these on your camping safari tours. One of the great places to enjoy in Namibia is Etosha National Park which is known worldwide as an amazing camping safari destination.

Camping vacation tours here are more epic in;


Onguma tented camp is in a luxury setting and offers amazing views of a natural beauty waterhole from anywhere in the camp. If lucky, you can encounter giraffes, Zebra, and antelopes.

Each tent here features an indoor and outdoor shower as well as elegant bathtubs. The highlights are that it is set in a private reserve bordering Etosha National Park, day and night game drives, perfect for romance seekers, and offers intimate luxury lodging.


Zimbabwe is well known as a country with one of the world’s nature wonders – Victoria Falls and this makes it an outstanding safari destination. The Victoria Falls are the world’s largest waterfalls and Zimbabwe has amazing wildlife to enjoy during your camping tour.

These are the best places in Zimbabwe for camping holiday tours;


Matusadona National Park is the very definition of wild Africa. You will find Fothergill Island which is a tour escape. Tourists can explore this wild land on foot, by boat, or in a classic game drive vehicle.

You can also expect a fine-dining experience to round off a perfect adventure. The highlights here are; an eco-friendly camp, private plunge pools, and great game viewing on drives, sunset cruises, birding, and fishing.


When here, you will be transported back in time to a bygone era of simplicity and romance. This camp is well ventilated and blends an authentic African adventure with a 5-star luxury getaway. The canvas tents and game drives within Hwange National Park will delight your inner explorer.

The modern luxury and stylish design ensure a comfortable stay in the untamed wild. The highlights here are; elephants gathering at Somalisa Acacia’s drinking pool, great game viewing, walking safaris, and night drives.

What Month Is Safari Africa Best?

The best month to go on a tour is between June and October, during the dry season. This a cooler time of the year and you are more likely to see animals roaming in the savannahs in search of water sources.

It is a great time for camping holiday tours as less or no rainfall is received. You can visit Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, and the Ngorongoro Crater for the best adventure. During these months, you can also catch the iconic Maasai Mara migration.

How Much Does an African Safari Vacation Cost?

The cost depends on several factors like overnight stay, activities, park entrances, group size, and transport options. However, the average African tour cost is somewhere between $125 to $1,500 per person and per day. Choose a reputable tour operator for the best pricing.

Which African Country Has the Cheapest Safari?

South Africa, Namibia, and Kenya are often considered the cheapest African adventure countries to visit. Followed by Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in African Safari?

The average cost is somewhere between $125 to $1,500 per person and per day. The price for the adventure usually includes lodging, transportation, meals, activities, and park entrance fees.

What Is the Difference Between a Camping Safari and a Lodge?

Africa Camping Safaris

A camping safari adventure involves you sleeping in a tented camp with the touch of the African wilderness on your tour. It can involve you doing your meal preparation/ food preparation with your support crew.

The level of comfort offered on a camping safari range from basic to sheer luxury where everything is provided for you. On the other hand, a lodge consists of buildings and tourists sleep under a roof with several other buildings scattered across a plot of land.

The guest rooms, including bathrooms, are situated in separate smaller buildings or cottages and sometimes a short walk from the main building. Also, most lodges vary in size depending on the number of rooms they have on the premises.

How Safe are Safari Tents?

The tents are safe in that they are put on raised platforms to avoid running water from going through at times there is a roof. They have zips that lock up during night hours to keep you safe.

Is Safari Africa Expensive?

It is not expensive as everyone can travel depending on their budget. Safaris in Africa are classified into budget, midrange, and luxury tours and this is all brought up by the lodging style, transportation, activities, etc.

You should know that the African trip costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person and per night.

Why Should I Choose an African Camping Safari?

An African camping safari will give you unforgettable memories with adventures in the wild as you will sleep under the sky with bright stars. A camping tour is the best way to enjoy a wildlife tour in the national parks and most lodges are so expensive.

Campsites are in fabulous locations of parks, and you get to have dinner around a campfire at night as you listen to the sound of animals which is a great experience. Always use a reputable tour operator for the best camping safari adventure set-up.

What Sort of Tents Will I Be Sleeping In?

Any reputable tour operator will offer camping safaris in high-quality tents with strong canvas and good zips. These tents are of different sizes and designs with amazing sleeping mats, and it is ideal to ask for specifics from the tour operator.

A camping safari adventure requires tents that can easily be put up and taken down. Beds and bedding are usually provided.

Is Staying in a Tent Safe Around Wild Animals?

You will be safe if you follow sensible precautions. On arrival, you are briefed on how to behave and there is nothing to worry about as long as you stay inside your tent. Always make sure that your tent is securely zipped up at night.

Make sure that you don’t keep any food inside your tent as the smell of food can attract animals. Also, the campsites in the game parks are unfenced though the grass around them is cut short so that animals are easily seen.

Do I Have to Help with Camp Chores?

If you are supposed to, then it will be included in your tour itinerary of your camping safari adventure. In most custom-made camping tours, the tour guide and cook will take care of anything. However, it is common on overland tours that clients have to set up their own tent.

In the case of mountain hiking tours, porters are hired to carry tents and other camping gear. However, if you choose a self-drive camping safari adventure, you will have to do all chores yourself.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like on a Camping Trip?

A day on a camping trip usually starts with a wake-up call before sunrise, a quick cup of tea or coffee, and after go for a game drive to see predators in action. You come back to the campsite for brunch at around mid-morning.

You will go out again for wildlife viewing on an afternoon game drive, or maybe a boat trip. On other days, you can set out with your packed lunch and spend the rest of the day looking for game.

How Much Will an African Camping Safari Cost?

A budget camping safari will cost around US$175 to US$250 per person per day. Some countries tend to be more expensive, and the cost of a tour is around US$275 to US$350 per person per day.

However, there are factors to consider for the price of a tour, like the season you want to venture into the continent. The level of luxury of the camping experience, and whether you join a group tour or opt for a private tour, will also make a big difference to the price.

Best African Camping Safari Vacations

Below are the best camping safari packages that you can opt for;

3 Days camping safari Sharing Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater with Seven Wonders Safari

7 Day Pride of Namibia Camping Tour

6 Day Zimbabwe overland tour adventure from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg with a visit to Hwange National Park

7 Days Botswana Tour Namibia to Victoria Falls (Camping overland tour) from Windhoek to Victoria Falls via Kalahari, Lake Malawi, Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park

7-Day Garden Route to Cape Town – Southern Africa camping overland tour from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. You will visit Addo Elephant National Park, Cape Town, Oudtshoorn Cango Caves, and Port Elizabeth

8 Days Victoria Falls & Botswana Camping safari from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg. You will visit Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, Johannesburg, Kasane, Khwai River Area, Maun, Okavango Delta, Savuti Marsh, Victoria Falls

8-Day Southern Africa, Botswana & Victoria Falls Tour – from Cape Town to Victoria Falls

9 Days Victoria Falls to Kruger overland camping safari – from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg and Cape Town

10 Days Masai Mara & Uganda Gorillas Overland Camping Safari

10 Days Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Lake Malawi, & Okavango Delta Overland Camping Safari

10 Days Southern Africa, Botswana adventure, Okavango Delta & Victoria Falls tour – from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park

11 Days Namibia to Cape Town Overland camping safari adventure – from Windhoek to Cape Town including visiting Etosha National Park and the Namib Desert

Africa tour Camping holidays are one of the best ways to enjoy safaris in Africa on a budget. You get to sleep in the wilderness with clear sounds of animals from a distance with a clear African sky with bright stars.

You can visit the popular destinations in Africa for the best camping tours like Victoria Falls, Cape Town & Port Elizabeth, Ngorongoro Crater, Dar es Salaam, Serengeti, Masai Mara, Okavango Delta, and many other national parks.

Sleeping in the wild during camping trips creates unforgettable memories that you can relive over time.

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