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safaris to ugandaThe world’s largest land animal is also one of the most intelligent to watch which is possible on Uganda safaris. Together with Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard, form the big five of the land animals- a unique offer wholesomely experienced while on safari in Uganda. A mature elephant is over 3.5m in height and around 6,000kg in weight with their precious protruding tusks (Ivory). Males generally leave the family group at around 12 years, after which they either roam around on their own or form bachelor herds. While female elephants live in closely joined clans in which the eldest female takes matriarchal role over her sisters, daughters and granddaughters. Mother- daughter bonds are strong and may exist for up to 50 years. On usual occasions, elephants range widely in search of food and water though they can destroy the environment when concentrated populations are forced to live in protected areas. Two races of elephant are recognise; the savannah elephant of east and southern Africa (L.a. Africana) and the smaller and slightly hairier forest elephant of the West African rain forest (L.a. cyclotis). The two elephant species are believed to interbreed in parts of western Uganda. Regardless of the registered previous poaching, elephants can easily or hardly be encountered in all national parks while on Uganda safaris excluding Lake Mburo. Common spots include; Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth and Kidepo national park. These gigantic creatures can be packaged on your Uganda wildlife safari or alongside your trekking safari in Uganda.

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