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Africa Hiking Safaris, Best Hiking Safaris in Africa, Africa Hiking Safari Trips

The best hiking safaris in Africa let you enjoy an authentic African experience in the open natural wilderness on foot, but mostly with the guidance of your walking safari guides.

Famous hiking safaris involve nature walks, interactive bush walks or forest walks, and mountain climbing. Top African countries for walking safaris include Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Madagascar.

Africa is the most famous safari destination for this walking safari especially to watch the wildlife of the continent. Whether through short, long, or multi-day walking safaris, you will enjoy the experience, especially in the late afternoon.

Appreciating the little things in life

Unlike other safari activities like game drives or river cruises, a walking safari is phenomenal as it makes you experience up close to the wild nature. In this exciting Africa walking safaris, you get out to experience wildlife with a personal experience.

Hiking safaris in Africa is thus a must-not-miss experience if you are daring to come up close to African nature! Book with us your trip today.

There are different types of walking safaris in Africa and they include the following,

  1. Short Walking Safaris

The short walking safaris are suitable for tourists on first-time walking experiences in the African bush. It allows you to first have a taste of the experience, what to generally expect, and how to prepare for the longer walking safari.

Short walking safaris however provide incredible experiences like game viewing of both big animals and smaller creatures and plants.

You may have a short trip organized by your walking safari guides or your lodge while on tour at one of the comfortable camps you choose for your trip.

Famous countries for short walking safaris are Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

  1. Long Walking Safaris

The long walking safaris favor travelers who want a walking safari as the major event of their trip. They will take more than a few hours on interactive bush walks, hiking, or encountering big game on foot on your walking safaris.

Famous safari destinations for longer walking safaris are Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Namibia and Ethiopia, among others.

  1. Multi-Day Walking Safaris/Multi-Day Trips

Multi-day walking safaris are when trekkers embark on a few hours of walking while they hike to different comfortable camps. Therefore, the multi-day trips make travelers cover longer walking safari distances in a day.

A Guide to Where to Go in Africa to Experience a Walking Safari

The best Africa walking safaris occur in East Africa and Southern Africa as these best safari destinations provide incredible encounters with wildlife including wild animals, plants, and amazing nature.

Zambia – The Birthplace of the Walking Safari

Zambia in Southern Africa is dubbed the birthplace of walking safaris in Africa for its magical walking tour experiences that provide incredible wildlife views of the beautiful country.

Any safari goer on this adventurous excursion will enjoy the views of the country on foot.

Walking safaris in Zambia will lead you to North Luangwa National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Victoria Falls, and Lower Zambezi National Park, among others.

North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa Park in a remote location in the country boasts pristine wildlife that you can explore on your walking safari. For example, Zebras, Lions, Hyenas, the endemic Cookson’s Wildebeests, among others.

South Luangwa National Park

Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park also has an incredible diversity of wildlife including the African Dog and the Big Five apart from the Rhino which is at North Luangwa instead.

Norman Carr, a conservationist began the walking safari in the country in the 1950s and today, it is still one of the best walking safari experiences in South Luangwa Park.

Kafue National Park

The Kafue National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Zambia, even though it is less visited compared to Zambia’s South Luangwa, North Luangwa, and Lower Zambezi National Parks.

It provides amazing walking safari adventures to watch different animals and big game like Elephants, Buffaloes, and big cats like Leopards, Cheetahs, and Lions, among others.

Lower Zambezi National Park

This park found in the Southeast of Zambia sits on the Northeastern banks of the Zambezi River. It is also opposite the Mana Pools in Zimbabwe. Discover the various wildlife during your bush walk in the park for example Zebras, Buffaloes, the African Wild Dog, Impalas, and Bushbucks, among others.

Zimbabwe Safari Adventure

Zimbabwe is another amazing home for Africa walking safaris in Southern Africa, creating for you unforgettable experiences as you explore the wild.

Zimbabwe: Walking in the Wild

Various well known safari destinations in Zimbabwe allow you to experience incredible African walking safaris in the continent for example Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, Lake Kariba, or around Victoria Falls.

Hwange National Park has a high number of Elephants and Wild Dogs and at Mana Pools National Park, animals gather around the Zambezi River, especially the big game that you can watch through a hiking or walking safari in Africa.

Zimbabwe is a famed place for this adventure because of the long and intense training given to the walking safari guides.

Walking Safaris in Tanzania

Africa Hiking Safaris

Tanzania is famous for hosting the great migration in which millions of animals move in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, the only place for them to look for more grassy plains for grazing. It is thus among the best places for game viewing, allowing you to experience the wildlife in an authentic African environment, away from the crowd.

Experience other Tanzania well known safari destinations for bush walks for example Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorogoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve, and Tarangire which harbors various baobab trees, among others.

Walk, Mountain Bike, and Drive Northern Tanzania

Northern Tanzania is the major attraction of the country covering Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara National Park, among others. The region with thus offer you more than a walking safari during your trip for example Mountain biking, and game drives on a safari vehicle.

Serengeti National Park Walking Safari

Famous for the Great Migration, Serengeti National Park also hosts various other attractions for example the Big Five and various bird species that you can watch on your walking safaris.

Get a chance to visit the local communities like the local Maasai warriors of East Africa who will lead you on an amazing walking safari.

Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania is among the largest wildlife reserves on earth, with an area of about 50,000 square kilometers. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, protecting Africa’s Big Five.

Get ready to meet the different big game at Selous Game Reserve like Zebras, Wild Dog, Giraffes, Hippos, Rhinos, Wild Dogs, and big cats like Lions and Leopards, among others through game drives, river cruises, or the fascinating walking safari.

Ruaha National Park Walking Safari

Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park in East Africa is the largest in the country, but because of its remote location, it receives about 5% of the visitors in Serengeti National Park.

However, Ruaha National Park which covers central to Southern Tanzania has the largest population of Elephants, large Lion prides, and extensive grassy plains with baobab trees.

Your guide will lead you through the beautiful landscape with baobab trees for your adventurous walking safari at Ruaha National Park. Experience a walking adventure, game drive, and boat cruises, among others.

Tarangire National Park Walking Safari

The Tarangire National Park boasts a multitude of African wildlife and from the park, it is possible to watch the Wildebeest Migration from a distance, various Zebras and bird species.

The park will offer you various safari experiences for example walking safari, game drives in a safari vehicle, and camping, on the park’s flora with views of the baobab trees.

Walking Safaris in Botswana

Botswana is one of the best safari destinations when it comes to walking safari and game drive adventures as it offers a lot on top of being a flat country.

One of the most attractive walking experiences is at the Okavango Delta which is famous for the high population of Elephants and the African Wild Dog, the thick mopane woodland together with the dense forest. However, the guides do not usually walk during the green seasons.

Another captivating destination to have your walking safari all year round is the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

Botswana: Luxury Walking Safaris | Botswana Under Luxury Canvas

The country boasts both luxury and semi-luxury walking safari experiences that will give you unmatched experiences as you get to game viewing.

Botswana is one of the best African destinations for a luxury walking tour as incredible experiences await an unforgettable adventure in the well-conserved destinations.

Kenya: ‘Out of Africa’ Walking Safaris

Discover one of Africa’s authentic natures through a safari in Kenya for a walking safari in East Africa. Many major Kenya national parks do not allow walking safaris, but the adventure can be done in some conservancies and private reserves or private ranches.

Kenya is famous for the Masai Mara National Reserve Wildebeest migration experience that allows you to watch a very captivating migration experience of over 1.5 million animals.

You will also get to meet the local communities like the local Maasai Warriors who will teach you the hunting techniques while giving you the best cultural experiences, especially on a walking safari at Masai Mara.

Some of Kenya’s national parks also host mostly the long walking safari at Samburu National Reserve where you will participate in game viewing of the Samburu Five which are the Somali Ostrich, Beisa Oryx, Grevy’s Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe and the Gerenuk. You can also explore them through a game drive.

Rhino Tracking, Kenya

Apart from the Masai Mara experiences, Kenya protects various endangered species like the endangered Black Rhinos and tracking them is among the most adventurous excursion experiences on foot.

In addition to tracking Black Rhinos on a walking safari, the country also provides bush walks where you will get to meet the much smaller creatures in their natural habitat of Kenya’s national parks.

Another great destination in the country is Lewa Wildlife Conservancy which protects the largest population of Grevy’s Zebras in the world.

Walking Safaris in South Africa | South Africa: Walking with Safari Heavyweights

This country also offers some of the best walking safari adventures in the different national parks. The country is famous for protecting a rich number of wildlife that you can explore through various safari activities like a walking safari, game drives, boat cruises, or hot air balloons.

Walk With Iconic Wildlife

There is a great diversity of wildlife in the country, great for watching on a walking safari. Different experiences head for bush walks and the amazing adventures bring incredible wildlife experiences to travelers.

You are most likely to come across one or more of Africa’s big five animals on foot for example the Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, and Rhinos, or any other animals.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the best places for a walking safari in Africa as it has various wildlife species. The dry season is especially the best for experiencing a bush walk to explore the rich wildlife. It is also a famous place for family safaris in the country.

Walking Safaris in South Africa’s Private Reserves

Apart from Kruger NP, there are also other destinations, especially South Africa’s private reserves or private ranches where you can have a thrilling walking safari to view animals like the Wild Dog. For example, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape, and Sabi Sands are also great for a family-friendly walking safari.

Additionally, you may visit other beautiful places in Cape Town.


Uganda is among the top walking safari destinations in East Africa because of the richness of the primates that the country protects, thus allowing visitors to participate in bush walks to look for them.

A primate walking safari through your bush walks will lead you to discover endangered species like Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, and other primates protected in the country.

Active Uganda – Gorillas, Chimps and Big Game

The Gorillas, Chimps, and Africa’s Big Game are Uganda’s major attractions that allow game viewing of incredible creatures at a much closer range. Exploring Gorillas are famous in Bwindi Impenetrable NP and the Chimpanzees are famous at the Kibale Forest NP through the incredible bush walks as you follow the animal tracks.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The Bwindi ranks as the most famous destination for tracking Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. The park protects almost half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population that lives in separate families in the different sectors of the park.

Your safari guide will lead you to one of these sectors for an amazing walk to meet one of the Gorilla families. Bwindi also offers the unique Gorilla habituation experience in the Rushaga sector, and you can find a family by following the animal tracks.

Kibale Forest Park

Kibale Forest is the most famous African destination for Chimpanzee tracking and while looking for the Chimps, you will go on an interactive bush walk with other primates like Red Tailed Monkeys and colobus Monkeys, among others.

The Kibale Forest NP will grant you the best walking safari experiences for example Chimpanzee tracking, primate walks, and a swamp walk in the neighboring Bigodi Swamp.


Africa Hiking Safaris

Rwanda boasts numerous walking safaris for travelers on an Africa trip, but most especially Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes NP or Chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Parc National des Volcans

Parc National des Volcans or Volcanoes NP is the most famous safari destination in the country as it harbors endangered animals like Mountain Gorillas.  Depending on one’s fitness level, travelers can hike the hilly slopes to meet a family.

Apart from being the only place with Gorillas in the country, Parc National des Volcans is also famous for other endangered animals like Golden Monkeys and after your experience in Rwanda, you may visit Lake Kivu for relaxation.

Gorilla Trekking, Rwanda

The Gorilla tracking experience in Rwanda attracts most of the country’s visitors. This is an incredible walking safari in which visitors go to meet one of the Gorilla families in their natural habitat. You will get to spend one hour with these human-like primates as you study and admire them all through.

Alternatively, you can also track Chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Walking Safaris in Madagascar

This coastal country boasts incredible walking safaris in its beautiful landscapes thus providing great views of some of the endemic wildlife that spread on the islands.

Amber Mountains National Park and Ankarana Special Reserve

These two destinations in Madagascar will avail you of some of the most authentic experiences for your safari adventure in the highlands. The unique biome of these places features breathtaking waterfalls, various endemic wildlife, especially the park’s flora, and crater lakes, among others.

Some of the unique animals to spot in this place include the Lemurs, the Amber Mountain Leaf Chameleon, and various brightly colored bird species.


Ethiopia boasts a dramatic landscape that provides unmatched views to behold on the distant grassy plains. Be awed by this breathtaking scenery, on top of the wildlife and authentic cultures during your walking safari.


This desert destination also provides unmatched walking safaris in Africa as it boasts remarkable scenery and dramatic landscapes.

Experience the captivating views of the Fish River Canyon from a beautiful horizon and the uniqueness of the dunes at the Kalahari Desert.

Tips and Guidelines for Hiking Safaris in Africa

Africa Hiking Safaris

There are important aspects to pay attention to in your tip as discussed below.

Listen to the guide: A trained and experienced guide knows how to keep safe during your walking safari, thus following his or her instructions is important.

Silence is key: Animals usually avoid places with active human activity including noise, therefore, the more the silence, the more the experience.

Group size: The size of a group will depend on the policies of the destination you visit for your walking safari.

Age restrictions: Due to the presence of wild animals, there is an age limit for a walking safari, but this depends on the destination that you visit in a specific country.

Pack light: For the walking safari, pack only what is important, for example, a camera, binoculars, sunscreen, insect repellent, and your receipts. Depending on your fitness levels, you may also carry a stick to help you with walking.

Dress appropriately: A walking safari will also require appropriate dressing for example trousers and long sleeves, a hat/cap, and comfortable sturdy shoes.

Best time for the guided walks: Usually these guided walks are done all around but the dry season during the morning or late afternoon is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Africa Safari Worth it?

Yes! An African safari is worth the money and time. The experience will give you the chance to explore the authentic African wilderness for your safaris and tours. Additionally, as a responsible traveler, you get to contribute to the conservation projects of the wildlife in the continent for future generations.

Are Walking Safaris Worth it?

Walking safaris are one of the best experiences that will bring you a one-on-one experience with nature. Therefore a walking safari is an experience that is worth taking for your Africa safaris.

Where is Best for Safari in Africa? | What is the Best Country in Africa to Go on Safari?

The best safari in Africa will most times depend on the experiences that you would like to have. The wildlife adventures are the most famous in the continent and the best places to experience these in Africa include Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Rwanda, Kenya, and Zambia, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Walk on a Safari in Africa? | How Much Does a Walking Safari Cost?

Various factors will determine the cost of your walking safari trip like the number of days to spend on the trip, level of luxury, safari activities to do during the trip, tips, meals, and transportation, among others.

What is the Safest African Safari Trip?

The African safari trip is safe in most of the African countries and the different safe destinations include Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Botswana, among others.

Your tour operator will inform you about the safety precautions in the different countries.

Is it Safe to Hike Alone in South Africa?

It is advisable to be in a group of at least three people when going hiking or on a walking safari, especially with rangers during your safari.

What is the Most Popular Hiking Trail in South Africa?

Otter Trail is known to be the most famous hiking trail in the country.

What is the Most Challenging Hike in South Africa?

The most challenging hike in this country is considered to be at the Amatola Trail which begins at the Maden Dam next to the King Williams.

What is the Hiking Capital of the World?

Being strategically located in the shadows of the magnificent Table Mountain and a great tenure at Cape Town, South Africa is considered the hiking capital of the world and the most famous safari destination for this activity.

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