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Walking Safaris in Africa, African Mountain Climbing Safaris & Hiking, Game Walking Safari Tours

Walking safaris in Africa/African Mountain climbing safaris have you walking in the wide-open savannah with the accompaniment of an expert ranger for ultimate African safari experiences.

There is nothing better than exploring the wilderness on foot and it hits differently than game drives and it brings a new way of understanding your surroundings. Walking safaris were the original safari and they remain the purest as your senses awaken as the African bush becomes more real.

Encountering wildlife on a walking safari in their natural habitat is more rewarding than just spectating, imagine meeting a wild Elephant while on foot.

The bush walks in Africa will give you a greater understanding of the ecosystem, and its animals and plants than any jeep safari ever can. Tourists can always engage in short and long walking safaris though this depends on the country you are visiting.

During walking safaris in Africa, you are accompanied by a guide and a ranger who is armed in case you encounter dangerous animals like big cats. The guide identifies the tracks, can point out medicinal plants and tiny incredible creatures, and tells you stories of life in the bush.

Walking safaris are a great way of identifying smaller wildlife that can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle. Most African countries offer safari walks, however, the precise forms of these vary considerably between the countries, reserves, and camps.

Reach out to us about the best way to incorporate walking safaris into your trip.

Types of African Walking Safaris

There are types of walking safaris that you can choose from depending on your exploring preferences. There are shorter bush walks and multi-day walking safaris.

Short Walking Safaris

Short walking safaris last for hours or a half-day excursion. These are mostly offered by most luxury lodges especially in the morning or late afternoon for game viewing as an alternative to going for a game drive.

Some of the short walking safaris include;

  • Zimbabwe safari adventure
  • Classic Zambia safari

Zambia is framed for its walking safaris with South Luangwa National Park said to be their birth. Zambia remains popular for walking safaris as they combine Victoria Falls, the Lower Zambezi National Park, and the South Luangwa National Park.

The highlights of Zambia walking safaris are exploring Victoria Falls, cruising along the Zambezi River, and game driving in one of the most predator-rich areas in Africa.

Multi-day Walking Safari Tours

Multi-day walking safaris offer the best walking safari experience. Usually, tourists head out into the bush for many hours at a time, you can hike from camp to camp and cover vast stretches of terrain every day.

You spend most of the time on foot, though you get time to relax and recharge back from the lodge or camp in between bush walks.

These are some of the long or multi-day walking safaris;


Africa Walking Safaris

The Serengeti is unmissable with a Tanzania Safari, and undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world for wildlife viewing. It is home to the great migration and the Big Five.

The Serengeti is ideal for a walking safari which offers a unique opportunity to get away from the crowds and experience wildlife from a remarkable perspective. The highlights of this walking safari trip are exploring Lake Manyara National Park, viewing the tree climbing Lions and Flamingos, mountain biking, driving in the Ngorongoro Crater, and fantastic views of the great migration.


Wildlife enthusiasts time their East Africa safari to witness the drama of the annual great migration one of the natural wonders in the world where millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles cross the Mara River in search of pastures.

While Kenya’s side of the Masai Mara is crowded with vehicles, the Tanzanian side of the Serengeti reveals a more intimate great migration experience during a guided walking safari trip.


Zambia is known for its walking safaris and the trips get you truly off the beaten track and into the wilderness for game viewing. The trip concentrates on the heart of the Luangwa as it offers a lot on foot and explores the wilderness.

This trip ticks all the boxes for the keen safari goer; adventurous, off the beaten track, and lead by incredible guides. The highlights are off-the-beaten-track exploration, amazing wildlife viewing, moving between camps on foot, dining and even sleeping under the stars, a chance to walk with Rhino and see wild dog on foot, and sleep in huts in the trees.

This Zambia walking safari gives you a unique opportunity to feel at one with nature.


Africa Walking Safaris

South Africa has the best walking safari spots in Africa and the world at large. The different habitats and environments are any walker’s dream. This trip is one of the favorites as you head straight into the bush and have a possibility for some incredible sightings, often walking where a vehicle can’t reach.

The bush walk here is at a relaxing pace but be prepared for high chances of coming across any of the Big Five and there is no need to worry as your guide is there to keep you safe.

The highlights of this walking safari trip are the exclusive mobile safari, authentic style safari, guided walking safaris by highly trained guides, exploring the Big Five on foot, and relaxing as you unwind and explore Cape Town.


Mount Kilimanjaro climbing offers endless adventures of mountain climbing for a real safari experience for tourists wishing to climb the mountain. This is Africa’s highest Mountain as it raises in the clouds with a height of 5895 meters above sea level.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing does not need specialized Mountain climbing skills, but you will need the fitness levels and a support team.

Apart from the personal achievement of attaining the summit of this magical peak of Kilimanjaro, there is also the unforgettable hiking trek as you traverse the very different zones that mark your progress from verdant plains, through tropical forests, alpine meadows, etc.

Within the places of Kilimanjaro Mountain, you will find plants during your hiking that grow nowhere else on Earth. You will get fantastic views of a few crater lakes while on your hiking trips when you climb Mount Kilimanjaro.


Ol Doinyo Lengai also known as the Mountain of God is a sacred site for the Maasai people who believe that the god Eg’ai leaves within the mountain. The power of this Mountain captures every visitor on a Great Rift Valley safari in Lake Natron.

Your mountain climbing tour of Ol Doinyo Lengai takes you to the base of the 7650-foot summit that rises above the arid Great Rift Valley and dominates its landscape with eerie formations created by the unique natrocarbonatite flow in the previous eruptions.

You should include a hiking tour to the Mountain of God in your adventure holidays to Tanzania. The hike/climb is a bit challenging though not compared to Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru. It is one of the best places to be for your walking safaris.

Animal Specific Walking Safaris

These walking safaris focus on spotting a specific animal that many people plan their trip around as a highlight activity.


Trekking with the Gorillas and Chimpanzees is a lifetime trip experience on an African safari trip as Uganda is one of the few places in the world with these apes. It is mostly on every traveler’s bucket list as you spend time with one of our closest relatives during Gorilla trekking which is a real highlight.

The highlights of this walking safari trip are to trek and spend time with the Gorillas, meeting East Africa’s Batwa people, hike and canoeing across Lake Mutanda, climb/hike across Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, seeing the tree climbing Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park, and Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park.


12 habituated Gorilla families dwell within the mystical mist-shrouded mountains of Volcanoes National Park. Through a Gorilla trek permit, tourists can embark on guided treks in search of the apes in the dense forest and be with them for one full hour face to face and this gives a unique perspective of being with the critically endangered animals.


The forested highlands of western Rwanda stun as the mist rolls in at sunrise and the sounds and sights of nature ambush the senses. Nyungwe Forest National Park is a dense forest home to 13 primate species including Chimpanzees and many monkey species which can be seen through walking safaris.

You can trek the Chimps in East Africa’s Nyungwe Forest National Park in the morning hours as you trek alongside park rangers and trackers.


Kenya is mostly a place for game drives as most people don’t prefer to walk and also it is not allowed in most national parks and reserves. However, it is becoming popular in the new conservancies and private ranches.

Unlike a lot of walking in Southern Africa, walking in Kenya is a more relaxed affair. It is often referred to as bush walks and it is a great way to look at smaller creatures rather than focusing on large mammals.

You get to visit the Sera Conservancy and Lewa Conservancy which has the world’s largest population of Grevy’s zebra and over 130 white and black rhinos. You can also opt for game drives.

The Big Five at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

AndBeyond Conservation Company started as an ambitious project to revitalize 32,311 acres of overgrazed farmland in KwaZulu-Natal, reintroduce the region’s original biodiversity, and develop a new archetype for ecotourism.

The project has been successful as tourists can set out for walking safaris that are tailored to personal species goals, physical fitness, and approximate duration. You can opt for big game viewing walks to see Elephants and Rhinos with real nature.


Seeing the Meerkats in Southern Africa in real life is more rewarding than they appear on television. Among the prolific colonies scattered throughout the Kalahari Desert (which transcends Botswana and South Africa).

At Tswalu in South Africa, discover one of three habituated colonies on a walking safari and anticipate complete immersion in Meerkat mayhem. You can wake up early to look forward to resident “Meerkat whisperer,” Blake, organizing an interactive morning with his four-legged companions.


South Luangwa National Park is regarded as the birthplace of the African walking safari in the world. It remains the best place for partaking in adrenaline-filled days of communing with Elephants, spotting Lions and other big cats, roaming among giraffes, and lunching with zebras.

If you are camping in one of the luxury tented camps across South Luangwa National Park, then you are in the right spot as the camps offer extended family walking safaris on the diverse terrains of Luangwa.

Best Destinations for a Walking Safari in Africa

Game viewing in Africa


These are available in East and Southern Africa, and walking safaris offer an authentic and remarkable perspective on the continent’s wildlife, plant life, and ecosystems. You can enjoy bush walks with guides and sleep under the stars on a multi-day walking trip.

Discover a level of detail you haven’t seen before, from tiny reptiles and insects to learning how guides track big game out in the bush.

You are going to know where you can go for walking safaris in Africa, from Gorilla trekking a real highlight to multi-night fly camping, to make the most of your African safari experience.

  1. Walking Safaris in South Africa


Kruger National Park is one of the best places to enjoy a walking safari in South Africa. It is home to a plethora of wildlife species and offers excellent dry-season family walking safaris with multi-day trips with comfortable accommodation options along the way.


Walking safaris are also available in South Africa’s private reserves and offer game viewing including those at Kruger. Sabi Sands, the Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu Natal are all popular options for family-friendly walking safaris with interactive bush walks showcasing a higher level of detail that you won’t encounter on a regular game drive.

  1. Walking safaris in Kenya


Masai Mara is one the world-famous destinations for safaris with highlights including the great migration shared with the Serengeti of Tanzania. Walking safaris in the Masai Mara of Kenya are particularly special as they are led by the Maasai warriors.

These warriors will show you their way of life by teaching you their survival skills, and hunting techniques within the Masai Mara. The walking safaris in these reserves are family friendly.


Samburu is ideal for a longer walking safari with multiple trips available, though the terrain is more rugged than other national parks in Kenya, so fitness levels and stamina are required.

You will be treated to sightings of the Samburu Five which comprise the Somali Ostrich and the Grevy’s Zebra during the walking trips. You will also enjoy the green nature and spot Elephants and Buffalos.

  1. Walking safaris in Tanzania


Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s and East Africa’s biggest park but is located in a more remote location meaning that it receives few tourists. While here, you enjoy the game seeing as you will meet large Elephant herds, Lion prides, and dramatic landscapes.

A family walking safari in Ruaha National Park is adventurous as you go in the mountains, rocky outcrops, and savannah flats. You can get off the beaten path and onto a wilderness track with multi-day bush walks available, with camping underneath the stars.


Selous is one of the largest reserves in the world and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to Africa’s Big Five. This reserve is good for a long walking safari tour to explore the wilderness.

It also offers cruises and game drives with options for over-fly camping under breathtaking night skies.

Tarangire National Park

This park is often overlooked in favor of Tanzania’s more well-known national parks, Tarangire is far more under-the-radar despite a competitive diversity of wildlife. You will be able to see the long-distance migration of zebra and wildebeest and a wide array of bird species and herds of Elephants.

Tarangire National Park offers a wider variety of safari experiences, including walking safaris, night safaris, and fly camping trips.

  1. Walking Safaris in Uganda

Game Walks


This is home to Uganda’s Mountain Gorilla families, and this means that you can choose your Gorilla trek according to your fitness levels.

There is also a Gorilla habituation experience that you can engage in during your African walking safari expeditions. This park’s flora and fauna are amazing offering good sightings.


Kibale Is known for Chimpanzee tracking as this forest has amazing primates like Colobus monkeys and red-tailed monkeys. Another walking safari adventure is a swamp walk through the wetlands to visit local communities to experience Africa.

  1. Walking safaris in Zambia


The lower Zambezi Park is located in Southeast Zambia on the northeastern banks of the Zambezi River, directly opposite Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools. Take a bush walk to explore the park’s flora and fauna to discover what makes this amazing ecosystem special.


North Luangwa National Park has an untouched wilderness though it’s in a remote location. A walking safari is the best way to explore the large concentrations of wildlife immersed in the wild. Walk along the Mwaleshi River in North Luangwa to see Lion, Hyena, Hyena, and Zebra.

North Luangwa is also the only place in Zambia where you can see the Black Rhino which was reintroduced in the park in 2003.


South Luangwa National Park is a honeypot of dense and diverse wildlife populations. It is the best place in Africa for a walking safari. You can spot incredible creatures like the endemic Thornicroft’s giraffes and the rare African wild dogs all of which you can see on foot in South Luangwa National Park.

  1. Zimbabwe Safari Adventure

Mana Pools National Park is one of Africa’s best safari destinations where the Zambezi River fills flood plains and big game is attracted to rich water sources. Activities like hiking, game drives, and birdwatching are best here.

Private walking safaris are available, with stays in luxury tented camps adding to your authentic luxury safari experience.

  1. Walking safaris in Rwanda


Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills and the mountainous landscapes provide habitats for endangered mountain Gorilla. Explore the 3 national parks (Akagera National Park, Parc National des Volcans, and Nyungwe Forest National Park).

On your walking safari trip, you will encounter primates like Chimps and native Golden monkeys, and trek troops of Mountain Gorillas in the wild at Parc National des Volcans. From here, you can also explore Nyungwe Forest National Park for Chimpanzee trekking.

  1. Walking safaris in Madagascar


It is located at the northern tip of Madagascar, and it is known for gorgeous landscapes featuring crater lakes, diverse wildlife, waterfalls, and plant life endemic to the region. On your walking safari trip through the jungle, you will spot mammals such as Madagascar’s famous lemurs, and reptiles such as Chameleons.

  1. Walking safaris in Botswana


Walking Safaris

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a swampy wildlife paradise home to large herds of Elephants, especially on Chiefs Island. The Delta is known for excellent game-viewing all year round, as well as for being an exceptional birding destination.

Due to the wetlands “walking safari” is a bit of a loose term, you will cross the waterways and backwaters in a mokoro as you explore the animals. You can stay at mobile camps along the trail to venture deeper on a multi-night family walking safari experience.

Best Time to Visit Africa

The best time to visit Africa is during the drier winter months, from May to September, when vegetation thins out and wildlife congregates around remaining water sources like Elephants, Buffaloes, and antelope species.

This time is best for game drives in the national parks; however, you should know that Africa is a year-round destination and its varying climates providing good conditions for a visit to one region or another at every time of year.

The green season, from November to April, offers lush vegetation, good birdwatching, and often lower prices. While some areas see heavy rains during these months, it’s a good time of year to explore Victoria Falls, go diving in Zanzibar, or track chimpanzees in Rwanda.

The Victoria Falls are the largest waterfalls in the world.

Where Is the Best Place for Walking Safari?

Walking safaris are best in Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

You get to see the big game on foot in these destinations as you have the luxury experience.

How Much Does a Walking Safari Cost?

A walking safari trip costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night. A budget walking safari averages $150 per night, mid-range $350, and luxury $750. The extreme top safaris can easily go up to $1,500 per night.

Mountain climbing costs can be a bit higher than the normal walking safari trip.

What Is the Walking Safari?

A walking safari is an adventurous excursion that lets guests travel through the bush on foot as they follow expert guides while viewing some incredible wildlife of Africa.

You may not see so much big game on foot as you do in a safari vehicle, but you have the opportunity to experience all the small details you would miss on a game drive, from smaller creatures, plants, and animal tracks.

Walking safaris also evolve mountain climbing to the mountains of Africa like Mt Kenya, the Atlas Mountains, Simien Mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro, etc.

What Mountain in Africa to Hike?

Mountain Kilimanjaro is Africa’s most popular Mountain climbing destination and it has Africa’s highest peak. The other mountains good for mountain climbing are Mt Kenya, the Atlas Mountains, Simien Mountains, Drakensberg in South Africa, etc.

Walking safaris in Africa/African Mountain climbing safaris are memorable and rewarding with fantastic views of wildlife that sometimes cannot be seen on a vehicle.

They give a unique perspective on how to experience Africa with a bush walk in the wilderness and you can enjoy camping on a longer walking safari trip under the bright star skies.

The walking safaris take you to the best national parks or mountains to enjoy the true wilderness of Africa.

If you are looking for adventurous walking safaris, reach out to our experts to chat about your ideas.