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Air transport development can promote tourism in Uganda – Uganda Safaris


Aero linkAir Transport development in Uganda is one factor that can develop the tourism industry and also help to increase Uganda safaris in to the country. This is because air transport is part of the tourism sector, since it facilitates the movement of people/ tourists from one place to another. All the types of the transportation, i.e. Road, water, air and railway complement each other and they are all important in the development of the tourism sector of Uganda.

Air transport provides a worldwide transportation network, and this makes it important for the development of tourism in Uganda, Air transport alleviates poverty and also helps to improve living standards by facilitating tourism as an industry, this will help Uganda to ease its tourists transfer especially with in East African countries thus improving on the operations of safaris to Uganda.

The development of Air transport in Uganda will help in providing the tourists a wide choice of holiday destinations around Uganda; this is because with air transport, it’s easy to reach far places more easily especially those with tourist attractions, this in other wards will promote safaris in Uganda hence development of the tourism sector.

Air transport development in Uganda will promote safety and comfort in travel especially to the elderly travelers who find other means of transport unconvincing to use. This will ease their movement from one tourist destination to another, thus helping in attracting safaris to the country hence development of the tourism industry.

The expansion of Entebbe Airport will certainly provide enough service to the incoming tourists who come for safaris with in Uganda, more so, the construction of more air strips especially near the tourist attractions will help to reduce congestion at Entebbe Airport.

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