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Alur chiefdom starts museum renovation for tourism-Uganda Safari News

members of the Alur chiefdomIn Uganda today, Museums are acting as sites where cultural heritage, historical events, as well as place were important information of the particular culture of people is preserved and hence this has given these sites an upper hand to attract cultural tourists on Uganda safaris to visit them in order to explore the cultural attractions housed in Museums. Therefore the move by NEBBI political and Traditional leaders in Kaal-kwonga chiefdom located in Panyimur Sub-county to renovate the Museum is a good move both to locals and the tourism sector because this will help to increase the cultural attractions where tourist on Uganda safari tours to Northern region can spend their holidays where exploring the northern part of Uganda.
The Museum’s renovation is good news to even the education sector in Northern region because schools can tour the site to learn more about the cultures of people, some can use the site as research Center and to tourism sector , the museum will help to promote the unique cultures of the local people living in this part of Uganda.
The refurnishment of the Museum which is estimated to cost Ugandan Shillings 20 million looks to be expensive as per now but the project will in long run become of much more value to the people of Northern region. This is mainly because the museum has potential of attracting tourist on Uganda safaris that will bring in revenue and it will also help to protect and preserve the unique cultural heritage that is kept in this part of Uganda.
Being the first museum in the West Nile region to be renovated, this will help to create need for other unique but undeveloped tourism attractions within the Alur chiefdom located in Panyimur Sub-county.
As expressed by Ms Rose Nkaale -the Commissioner of Museum and Monument during the lunch of the renovation of the Museum by the Kaal-kwonga chiefdom, indeed there is need for the government of Uganda to document other important cultural sites that benefit Ugandans. The Documentation of the sites will help to avail information about the unique attractions which are of interest to different travelers on Uganda safaris. Documentation would make it easy for Different Stakeholders in the tourism sector to source for funds to help promote Uganda as number one destination in Africa.
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