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Amabare g’mugore (Mugore rock); the historical sites of Uganda – Uganda safari news

The Amabare g’ Mugore which literally translates into the rocks of Mugore are among the great but unexplored Uganda Safari tour sites positioned in Mugore Village, Kenshunga Sub county Kiruhura District.

The site dates far back to the Chwezi era and has a lot of touching history behind it. Just like the whole of the Ankole region and the great lakes region, Mugore was inhabited by the legendary Bachwezi people who are believed to have possessed supernatural powers that made them to do great things some of which still exist up to today and explored on Safaris in Uganda such as the  Bigo by’ Mugyenyi in Ssembabule District.

So, one day, the ordinary people on their foot trek to the wedding introduction encountered a Muchwezi man in the names of Mugasha in the area and he warned them not to use the same route while returning with their bride.  Sadly, these people did not pay much attention to Mugasha’s warnings and they returned using the same route. As soon as they reached the area, they unfortunately encountered Mugasha bathing at his well called Eky’Mugasha which still exists up to today and out of anger, he cursed them to become stones.

This legend has been magnified by the shape that the rocks feature. There are big rocks which resemble a bride, groom, best man and matron while the series of rocks behind them stand like the entourage to the couple.  The bride rock is believed not to be visible directly in the face which is a common practice among the traditional brides in the area. In fact, people including travelers on Uganda tours tend to spend great deal of time at the site attempting to ascertain whether this rock actually changes direction.

This legendary site presents a great culture and heritage experience and can be done as an extension of a Uganda wildlife safari to Lake Mburo National Park or a Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.



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