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Amabeere-CavesSituated in western part of Uganda just 10 kilometers from the town of Fort portal – adjacent to various Uganda safari destinations like Kibale and Ndali-Kasenda crater, the Amabere caves are considered to be one of the ancient land marks that describe the prehistoric setting of Uganda. These breast like features draw much of the attachment to the ancient Bachwezi rulers who dominated the great lakes region at the time alongside other Chwezi landmarks like Bigo by’Mugyenyi that can be visited while on safari in Uganda. The Tale behind these caves is a terrifying one though interesting to listen to; it all started with the disappearance of Ishaza the Muchwezi king who had fallen in trap of Nyamiyonga’s cows after which he was replaced by his gatekeeper Bukuku the father of Nyinamwiru. Bukuku in fear of losing his throne to the grandson, he hidden his daughter in a strong enclosure whose only entrance passed through his living room, which was intended to stop her from engaging with any man. However, this was shuttered by Isimbwa the son of Ishaza who with his aide made a tall ladder that enabled him to get inside from behind and the result was Ndahura a new born kid who was later to survive death after having drowned in the stream on orders of Bukuku his maternal grandfather. In protest, Nyinamwiru cut off her breasts and hanged them up with breast milk flowing down – something believed to have occurred at these historic caves thus the name Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru.  This legend can be justified by the milky substance that be visibly seen flowing down the rocks on any Uganda safari visit. Regardless of geographic assertions of stalagmites and stalactites, the strength of this local tale cannot be forfeited thus worth of encountering on Uganda safari.

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By Simon siima peter



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