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Amendment of UWA Act to help in improving tourism development-Uganda safari news

Tpoachingourism officials have urged Uganda Wildlife Authority to amend the Act since it will help in improving the tourism sector in Uganda. This will help in controlling the increasing ivory trading which is taking place with in the country. This is so dangerous since it will lead to reduced safaris to Uganda hence impacting the revenues of the country.

This act is mainly focusing on presenting measures which will help in giving penalties for any person who is found in poaching related activities. There are many people who have engaged in the activities of killing the elephants for Ivory. This is a bad activity since it leads to reduced number of wildlife species and also affecting Uganda safaris.

Protecting of the animals is in the hands of    Uganda Wildlife Authority and this means that it’s their responsibility to protect them. This is the main reason why the act is to be passed so that poaching can be reduced in all the national parks in Uganda. This will help in developing the tourism sector and also helping in increasing safari tours to Uganda.

The act includes harsh penalties which will be harsh enough to make people to understand that poaching is a dangerous activity and should not be carried out since it affects the wildlife in all the national parks. The penalty which was put in Place for any person caught practicing poaching, is a sentence not exceeding more than seven years in prison. This therefore informs all the people to remain environmentally friendly.

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