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Last mont Antelopes-uganda wildlife safarish a rear incidence happened to some Ugandans that were heading to Tororo, when their car hit and killed an antelope that speed into the road at a corner near Busitema forest.
I term this rear because Busitema is occupied mostly by baboons as witnessed by tourists that have had a safari to Uganda in this place, making an antelops encounter as rare as seeing a wild ostrich crossing a road in such a wildlife territory.

What came to the minds of those that had hit it, was what this animal was running away from? Could it be that it was being chased by a leopard! It would definitely turn to them as they were stranded by the roadside.
However the big question is where was this antelope coming from?could it be that it was being transported by Uganda Wildlife Authority and it escaped from the truck but honestly its most likely that it came from Murchison National Park!
There is a distance of 460 kilometers between Murchison falls National Park and the spot where this antelope fatefully got killed as it‘s the only place that touches a corridor that would lead it to Busitema.it might have left the park in a group, traveling along the bushy banks of lake Kyoga having water to drink moving through Busoga which lead it here.

This story indicates how severe the pressure on the wildlife natural habitat is. The Ugandan figures in this regard don’t look good as up to 50% of Uganda’s forest cover has been lost since 1970 and it is estimated that the country will run out of fuel wood by 2025 yet 95%of the total population fully depend, partially or occasionally on charcoal stoves.If this goes on like this wild animals will have no place to hide in Uganda.The Institute of Zoology also explains the catastrophic loss of some species such as the crowned or crested cranes by 60% since 1970,a third of the fish species in Lake Victoria and 90% of the once famous Kampala bats have too disappeared.The institute also notes the notable increase of the Marabou stocks in most Kampala City currently a common bird species viewed by birders on the famous Uganda safari-the Kampala tour.
Fortunately to sustain Uganda safaris, the Museveni government has reduced on the extreme poaching in Murchison National Park that occurred during Idi Amin’s rule in 1970 as well as Obote II Government.The main interest these days is no longer on animals but has been shifted to the land as some people would like to build golf courses in the national parks.With the discovery of oil most environmentalists have charged that oil drilling activities in the Murchison Falls National Park will endanger the environment and park in the long run.
In a nut shell the death of the antelope was a sign that all is not well back at the farm and animals in the Murchison Falls National Park need a refugee.

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