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A new airline joins the Ugandan flight Industry- UGANDA SAFARIS & TOURS

vistajet1 In Entebbe, Uganda – VistaJet International, which is one of the world’s luxury private Aviation Company for the first time ever landed one of its international air crafts at the Entebbe airport found in Uganda and officially launched its operations in the country,news that were received warmly by the Uganda safaris industry/Uganda tourism industry.

While unveiling the arrival of this three weeks old jet at Entebbe ,the founder and chairman of the VistaJet Thomas Flohr explained that the company is determined  to offer dedicated aircraft  services and will be flying Ugandans and other clients from different nationalities to their desired destinations in the world definitely some of these people shall be Uganda safari tourists/travellers heading to or going back home after a Uganda safari.

Thomas Flohr said that such booming markets like Uganda deserved brand new state of the art air crafts rather than ageing pre-owned aircraft they have been accustomed to and this is why vista 3the VistaJet is here and ready serve in Uganda.This obviously makes a safari to Uganda and generally all Uganda safaris more enjoyable since travelers shall travel in firs class modern jets.

The VistaJet company basically targets business community or corporate members as well as government leaders who want to be flown directly to the destinations they deserve at that particular time when they want to depart which isn’t the case with other commercial air crafts which operate on fixed schedules .This will also help boost the Uganda tour sector as clients with busy schedules who desire to be flown back home immediately after their Uganda safaris will comfortably fit in.

“The most important thing we base on in our operations is the time the passenger wants to arrive at the given destination and so those who will choose to use VistaJet will save time on delays due to connecting to airports and adopting the concept of private jets has been so much out of Africa but now is the time for the continent to go global, “he further explained. Ugandan business man, Charles Mbiire commented that the world today is about price, cost and time while business is all about efficiency and therefore competing globally in terms of business requires the introduction of such avenues.

Charles Mbiire said, “The people targeted here are the ones who think and spend therefore the notion of African time and arriving late at business meetings on the side of Africans is phased out with the arrival of VistaJet.”

During the year 2012, VistaJet flew over 25,000 passengers on 10,000 single international flights. All their transactions will be tabled between the client and the aircraft while putting into consideration those having expected travels of between 100 and 600 flights every year.

VistaJet only charges for the amount of  time spent on the aircraft a concept termed as ‘legs up and legs down’ in aircraft business and when the passenger will be done with conducting business,a great arrangement perhaps for many Uganda safari travelers especially those coming for scheduled Uganda safaris.


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