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Apac District


Apac is part of former Lango District which existed at Independence in 1962. Under the 1974 provincial Administration, Lango was divided into West Lango and East Lango, which became Apac and Lira Districts respectively.
Apac lies north of Lake Kyoga and borders the district of Masindi in the west, Lira in the eats, Gulu in the north and Nakasongola in the south.
The district has over 676,244 people, 344,883 are female and 331,361 are Male.
Main Language; Luo/Lango.
Economic Activities
Agriculture with main emphasis on food crops such as millet, cassava, cow Pease, potatoes, beans, Simsim and sunflower. Cash crops include, cotton, Tobacco and Sugar cane. Vegetables such as Onions, Tomatoes, cabbages and sun flower. There is also fishing on Lake Kyoga.

Banks; Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd.
Transport Network

A well distributed feeder-road network links most parts of the districts. The district is linked by a tarmac road to Masindi, Gulu and Lira district. There is also a Rail line crossing the district of Lira to Gulu districts. In the south, there is a water transport linking Apac to Nakasongola and Soroti district.
Tourist Attractions

There are unexploited tourism opportunities in the district. Lake Kyoga, lake Bisina and Lake Kwania have tourism potential, but there is no infrastructure to cater for tourism in the district.


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