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Appointed Board for Cultural Promotion-Uganda safari News

kasubi tombs in ugandaUganda has a lot of cultural things that needs to be marketed so as to have more safaris in Uganda. This is mostly found in the Buganda Kingdom. However it has not been promoted so as to make Uganda and especially Buganda Kingdom the best tourist destination on Uganda safaris. This has therefore hindered the development of the tourism sector to some extent.

The cultural sites to be marketed in the Buganda Kingdom include the Kasubi tombs, Nagalabi cultural site, Kabaka’s palace and so many others that can attract more tours to Uganda so have a unique experience. However more emphasis has been put on the Kasubi tombs which have just been renovated therefore a better place for tourists to safari.

For the development of the tourism sector the Kabaka that is the king of the Buganda Kingdom together with the Katikkiro Mr. peter Mayiga has appointed a board so as to take good care of the most liked Kasubi tombs so as to promote more Uganda. The Katikkiro says the board has to make sure that there are enough revenues collected to facilitate its development. This will therefore attract more safaris to Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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