arcadia cottages -safari lodges in ugandaArcadia cottages are one of the accommodations used by tourists while on their safaris in Uganda. These are found in Lake Mburo National Park and provide good facilities to the tourists therefore making them comfortable on their Uganda safaris. The stay at the cottages gives tourists a good view of the Park and the wilderness of the country therefore feeling really Uganda.

The location of the restaurant just next to the lake enables the tourists to see the hippos who are always at the edge of the lake. This is mostly a good view for the lovers especially during the night hours hence providing a good experience on their Uganda safari. There are many other animals in the park that may be spotted while at Arcadia cottages there having a good time at the cottages.

Arcadia cottages have self-contained rooms which give tourists privacy so as they may enjoy their safaris in Uganda. The people in the cottages also give tourists good meals that leave them with memories of Uganda therefore attracting them to come and enjoy more safaris to Uganda. At the cottages you will be able to access internet and all services you may need will be provided to you therefore having a good time on your Uganda safari.                                                                                                  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